Snake Oil Research By Brian Simpson

Patrick Wood, commenting on Dr. Bryan Ardis' interview with Stew Peters, offers his critical refutation of the claim made by Ardis, that there is no Covid virus, SARS-CoV-2, but instead, it is snake venom. He seems to propose this as a serious biological hypothesis rather than a metaphor. It does not stand up to analysis, yet it has excited millions of viewers, eager for something different. Snake venom cannot explain the Covid story, even if some Dr Frankenstein did draw inspiration, of a Satanic scientific nature from venoms.


“For over 45 years, I have had to deal with the false label of creating or promoting conspiracy theories. When such accusations were made, it usually came in the context of someone else’s abuse of logic or just plain fantastical story telling. Such speculations are the bane of legitimate research and discussion, and they do great harm to the effort of discovering the truth of a matter.

Thus, the recent mega-viral spread of an initial interview with Bryan Ardis, D.C. by Stew Peters requires my response.

Note to all: I pointedly reject, do not agree with, nor will I endorse their conclusions or the methodologies used at arriving at those conclusions.

Most importantly, I encourage everyone to use discernment and common sense when addressing these things. By now, you have most likely already viewed the video in question, Watch the Water. Here are my thoughts.

Is it snake venom that is killing everyone? No, even though Ardis flatly states that the virus is a venom: “I am convinced that COVID is not a respiratory virus but snake venom poisoning.” Competent experts (see below for a couple of links) have already weighed in on this and we must let them bring it out.

It is well-known that genetic scientists are using synthetic genes or transgenic material (from other species) all the time to edit the DNA of other species. The genetic structure of snake venom (even of a particular snake) may well have inspired some mad scientist's gain of function project. Even if some external genetic venom-derived sequence was used to create an end product, it does not turn the end product into snake venom.

Is snake venom being distributed in the water? No, even though Ardis flatly states that it is. He states that he got this idea from a TV series called The Blacklist (Season 4, Episode 5) where Red drinks wine laced with a peptide taken from snake venom. This is pure nonsense and gross speculation.

Is snake venom being put in the water by government agents? No, even though he pointedly says that the CDC is using sub-contractors to poison the water systems throughout America. He substantiates this because COVID testing sites have been set up to find the virus in sewage. This is true, but people don’t drink sewage. Virtually all drinking water in America has been tested continuously for harmful substances for many decades.

Since COVID is a global issue, does the CDC have agents throughout the world poising all the water at the same time? Not even plausible.

Is the globalist intent to turn you into a genetic hybrid of Satan, no longer able to belong to God? No. This is theological science fiction and has zero support in the Bible.

Does God communicate with you by reading a fortune cookie? After reading a fortune cookie while eating at Chinese restaurant, Ardis flatly stated, “I knew that God was telling me you can’t give up and you have to tell the world.” There is no doubt that God can direct through circumstances but it is always very personal. In this subtle way, Ardis implies that since his message is from God you should listen to him and believe it.

Since Ardis chooses to make a spiritual issue out of his snake venom theory, should we blindly accept his personal experiences as justification, which are clearly not verifiable or in themselves, Biblical? According to the Bible, communication with God comes through prayer, reading his Word and hearing from the Holy Spirit; there are several warnings to reject myths.

In conclusion, the methodology of research is as important as the research itself. There are undoubtedly a few nuggets of truth in what Ardis has to say, but those golden morsels are forever tainted by speculative conjectures that are too-easily debunked by critics. In the end, the baby gets thrown out with the bathwater.

What does it say that over 5 million people have already viewed the Ardis video within 5 days? Mostly, it shows that “our side” is greatly confused, grasping at straws and looking for answers in all the wrong places. This makes it all the more important to keep our research and findings on solid ground.”




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Thursday, 13 June 2024

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