Should We Worry about Academics Working for Communist China? By James Reed

     It is hard to believe, but the modern Australian university could actually be indirectly helping the Communist Party of China, as incredible as that sounds, since very few Leftoids have been known to exist on Australian campuses:

“Dozens of partnerships between South Australian universities and Chinese institutions pose the threat that research could be used to undermine key defence projects, a report warns. There are ongoing top-level concerns about the Communist Party of China’s attempts to spy on the state’s warship and submarine programs. But the report, by The Australian Strategic Policy Institute, warns that at the same time, researchers might also be inadvertently helping the Chinese develop its military capabilities. It highlights the University of Adelaide and a 2016 project with the Aero Engine Corporation of China working on “superior rubber-based materials” for use in planes, cars and ships. The ASPI has created a website to track Chinese universities and their affiliations with the military, and is calling on universities and the Federal Government to protect themselves. The report’s author, Alex Joske, an analyst with ASPI’s International Cyber Policy Centre, says universities and governments must prevent any exploitation by rival militaries. The University of SA has 35 joint projects with China listed on its website, not all of which are active, while Flinders University lists 17, of which six are no longer active, and the University of Adelaide has 57, most of which are about educating Chinese students or in agriculture, medicine and engineering. A spokesman said no concerns had been raised about their researchers’ work. But Mr Joske argues funding pressures make universities more likely to enter partnerships that could compromise them, as the CCP pours billions into defence research. Universities have an obligation to “avoid recklessly harming human rights or national security”.

The China Defence Universities’ Tracker Exploring the military and security links of China’s universities says “There’s a growing risk that collaboration with People’s Republic of China (PRC) universities can be leveraged by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) or security agencies for surveillance, human rights abuses or military purposes. “Universities and governments remain unable to effectively manage risks that come with growing collaboration with PRC entities. There’s little accessible information on the military and security links of PRC universities.” The report argues universities should review their partnerships, monitor staff travel, and have policies on collaborating with foreign military companies.

     Will anything be done about this? Of course not.

     How about this stuff about a communist Chinese plot to infiltrate the Austral-asian parliament; I mean, these people have sold out to globalism from the beginning as much as big business, so what exactly is there left to infiltrate?

“The head of ASIO has issued a rare public statement confirming the domestic spy agency was aware of an alleged Chinese plot to infiltrate Australia’s parliament. Explosive allegations aired on 60 Minutes suggested Chinese operatives offered $1m to fund Liberal party member Nick Zhao’s tilt at federal parliament. The 32-year-old was found dead in a Melbourne hotel room after reportedly approaching ASIO to discuss the plot.  “Australians can be reassured that ASIO was previously aware of matters that were reported today, and has been actively investigating them,” Asio director general Mike Burgess said in a statement. “Hostile foreign intelligence activity continues to pose a real threat to our nation and its security. ASIO will continue to confront and counter foreign interference and espionage in Australia.” The Nationals backbencher Barnaby Joyce said he was not surprised by allegations China tried to plant a spy in parliament. “I know the Chinese, in one way or another, have been trying to infiltrate our parliament, whether online or directly through politicians,” he told the Seven Network.”

     These security problems will be solved in a majority Chinese Australia, very easily, by simply, dissolving Australia and making it part of China, which seems to be what the Left is so eager for. Hence, no more secrets, and problem solved. Hopefully, the Leftoid too will be made redundant in that Great Replacement, as useful idiots always are replaced.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2024

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