Shot of the Day, the Unvaxxed Djokovic Way By Brian Simpson

Oh, sweet irony of ironies. Tennis legend Djokovic was banned from playing in Australia and the US during the Covid freak-out, being unvaccinated for Covid.  He recently smashed the US Open, taking the trophy. And Big Pharma’s Moderna sponsored a “Shot of the Day,” that the unvaccinated Djokovic won. The story just writes itself:

“Are we living in a simulation? It sometimes feels like it!

During the US Open, Moderna sponsored the “Shot of the Day”. Unfortunately for them, unvaccinated Djokovic was yesterday’s choice. Oh, the irony.

I think the tennis commentators are sceptical of the Covid shots too. During the “shot of the day” they said “there were a lot of shots that were highly impactful” and “here’s the final one”.

Perhaps Moderna’s “shot of the day” is actually a future advertising slogan?”




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Saturday, 22 June 2024

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