Sheltering in Place After a Tornado Destroys Your Shelter By Charles Taylor

     Storms have wrecked homes a plenty here in the American south, but I am ok, and my extensive black rifle semi-auto firearms collection (all legal here in Florida) are fine to, thanks for asking:

“At least 33 people were killed as a tornado outbreak slashed across the South on Sunday and Monday, destroying hundreds of homes and businesses and leaving numerous towns with widespread, severe damage. There were more than 60 reports of tornadoes as the storms that began on Easter Sunday tore a deadly and destructive path from Texas and Arkansas, across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia and into the Carolinas and Tennessee. More than 1 million homes and businesses lost power as a result of the outbreak, according to On Monday, outages were the most significant in North and South Carolina, where nearly half a million customers had no electricity Monday morning, but every state from Texas to the mid-Atlantic was affected. High winds were responsible for outages in many areas not affected by tornadoes.”

     This has raised the interesting question for us about how to shelter in place, so as to not be shot on the street. I guess people will simply grab a few sheets of galvanized iron and shelter under that. My regimental sergeant major used to say that all a man needed was a sheet of galvanized iron, and maybe not even that.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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