Section 18 C: The Corruption of the Rule of Law by Ian Wilson LL.B

I have been criticising section 18 C of the Race Discrimination Act for many years now. I have read much on the topic and have yet to see any sound intellectual defences of it; it remains in the domain of ethnic power politics.
The best legal and journalistic minds have torn its ideological foundations to pieces, but like the “walking dead,” the law remains, spreading a plague of misery.

We have seen increasingly absurd consequences of this suppression of free speech, from the university students case, now to the cartoon case of Bill Leak, which by the way, has been said to be an accurate portrayal of what police face, according to the Western Australian Police Commissioner. (The Australian, October 21, 2016, p. 1)

Canadian intellectual Mark Steyn (The Australian, October 19, 2016, p. 11), has said about our section 18 C: “To me, that disgusting “hate speech’ ersatz-law is an utter embarrassment to a supposedly free society; to Abbott’s ministry, free speech was merely an “unnecessary complication.” And he did not hold back on Malcolm Turnbull’s refusal to defend free speech either: “The tinny sound of a hollow pseudo-technocrat unmoored from the core principles of liberty.”

Steyn quotes Theodore Dalrymple, who said on the suppression laws: “Unfortunately, political correctness, which is to thought what sentimentality is to compassion, means that the intelligentsia of the West has disarmed itself in advance of any possible struggle.”
Section 18 C means that one cannot address race and ethnic issues.

The Human rights industry “are not interested in a debate with you; they’re interested in eliminating you from the debate, banishing you from public discourse, and shriveling that discourse to the ever tighter bounds of a state ideology.”

Emperor Obama and Queen Clinton want to continue this assault on free speech through the control of the internet, rebuilding it to “flow” through “some sort of curating function,” which presumably will allow the elites to establish Chinese-style censorship. Hilary Clinton as president will end what is left of “free speech.”

Thus we face a crisis of Western civilisation which is now at the turning point. Section 18 C is our local symbol of what is actually a turning away from liberal democratic culture, towards a form of globalist communism, inspired by Chinese communist ideology, typically under old Chairman Mao (“where do correct ideas come from”). The “Party” has become a network of taxpayer-funded elites who use “the law” to suppress opinions critical of their New World Order globalist ideology.

Professor James Allen (The Australian, October 20, 2016, p. 12), says that the cartoon case “sounds like something out of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four or something that would happen in Russia, not in one of the leading and oldest democracies.”

As I see it, that’s the point behind this: democracy has essentially ended in Australia, slaughtered on the altar of ethnic-multicult power. So, yes, the system is “rigged” and rotten to the core. People need to understand this grim reality, especially red, white and blue conservatives, who still believe that there is “something there.”

There is a fragile shell, but the elites have already dismantled the internal meat of the social organism.

“Our” governments and institutions such as the universities, are all “occupied territory,” having been taken over by a globalist new class elite, who care nothing about our freedoms and traditions, and indeed, seek to demographically replace us.

Section 18 C serves to keep the natives in line, until it is too late. Even so, hopefully the revolt against the elites that is happening in America will produce a “Western spring,” that will include Australia.



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Friday, 27 January 2023

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