Save the Whale but Not the Nordic By Brian Simpson

     This title comes from a book written by a concerned Aussie about the race issue, which I unfortunately cannot now locate, and there does not appear to be an internet trace of it. But, the argument is, I recall: why bother about preserving natural diversity of species and races/sub-species, if this is not applied to humans as well? Does it really matter if the genetic integrity and purity of say, American bison, is preserved: If human races are a social construct, then so too would be breeds of animals, and with some plausibility, since many breeds were constructed by human-controlled breeding programs.

     Hence, if biology is to be discounted, doused and denounced:, there is no reason for concern about the “environment,” which is also a social construct. So must be global warming too. Even if it existed, as a social construct, we could just define it away. Easy.
Sociological relativism is such fun; far more interesting than reality, and almost as magical as Harry Potter.



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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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