Saudi Cardiologist Calls for Suspension of the Covid Vaxxes By Brian Simpson

It is getting hard to keep track of the number of cardiologists calling for a halt to the Covid jabs, because of heart issues, let alone immune suppression and cancer. Now a world-renowned cardiologist out of Saudi Arabia, Proessor Abdullah Alabdulgader, President of the International Congress for Advanced Cardiac Sciences and founder of the Prince Sultan Cardiac Center, joins the international body of heart experts believing that the Covid-19 vaxxes must be stopped. That is good, but much damage, which is already being seen, has already been done.

“A world-renowned cardiologist out of Saudi Arabia has called for the suspension of the COVID mRNA vaccines, citing cardiac issues found in vaccinated individuals.

Prof. Abdullah Alabdulgader, President of the International Congress for Advanced Cardiac Sciences and founder of the Prince Sultan Cardiac Center, lambasted Big Pharma and the mainstream media for promoting the experimental vaccine despite emerging data showing it has major cardiovascular risks.

“In spite of the unprecedented support that has been given to the COVID-19 messenger RNA vaccination is actually incomparable to any support given to any pharmaceutical agent in human history, we are still hearing signs of wisdom coming from different parts of the planet actually questioning the scientific foundation and safety of the messenger RNA vaccination,” Alabdulgader began.

After pointing out that the World Health Organization’s mandate when it was created in 1948 was to “improve the quality of life” for mankind, Alabdulgader noted the numerous cardiac issues stemming from the experimental jab.

“In spite of what we are hearing from the media, going to our scientific foundation and questioning the complications of the messenger RNA vaccination, I’m referring mainly to other cardiologists: the cardiovascular complications, the juvenile myocarditis and pericarditis and what we think seriously increases the level of sudden cardiac death,” Alabdulgader said.

“I think anything related to the mRNA products should be reviewed critically and in view of the cardiovascular complications of this type of vaccination, I think this type of vaccine should be suspended until it is fully investigated,” he concluded.

This comes after the lead author of a peer-reviewed study re-analyzing Pfizer & Moderna trials on the mRNA vaccine claims to have found “conclusive evidence that the vaccines are inducing sudden cardiac death.”

Experts around the world are taking a closer look at the COVID mRNA jab as data continues to emerge showing a massive increase in adverse cardiac reactions following the rollout of the shot in 2021.

Additionally, Infowars has reported on numerous incidents of athletes and young people experiencing sudden cardiac arrest at an astonishing rate in recent months.

The spate of sudden cardiac deaths has even prompted Pfizer and Moderna in November to launch an internal investigation into their vaccines for myocarditis risks.

Even the CDC and FDA announced last week that they intend to investigate the connection between Pfizer’s Covid shots and heart issues like strokes and heart attacks.”



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Wednesday, 24 April 2024

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