Same Sex, Time for a Bex By Mrs Vera West

     How I miss Bex tablets, taking a Bex with a cup of tea, then a nap really helped with psycho-political neurosis. What a pity that they were highly addictive and caused kidney disease. And, now we have the brain ache of the same sex plebby, and the endless debate and conflict that goes with it.

     Good to see that some of the points made earlier in this debate by some of us are getting presented by others, not that they have been influenced in any way by us. The rational mind reaches the same conclusion.
     For example, the threat that same sex marriage would have on parent’s rights to their children’s education, has now been put in an advertisement, telling us, that based on the Canadian experience, a Yes vote will lead to the celebration of homosexuality in schools:

“Dr Tourloukis argues that the introduction of same-sex marriage in Canada in 2005 had paved the way for “anti-heterosexist” policies in schools that saw homosexuality and gender diversity taught as a matter of course.
“You wouldn’t think that two men or two women getting married would have such a profound effect on the education system but I assure you that it has,” he says. “They began to change the curriculum in schools. They said materials relating to homosexuality and same-sex marriage were to permeate the entire curriculum; all subjects, all grade levels.
“They said all students, including my Christian children, should be required to celebrate homosexuality.”

Opponents to same-sex marriage have repeatedly pointed to Canada as an example of a jurisdiction where religious freedoms had come under threat because of same-sex marriage.

Recently a campaign was launched seeking to remove the tax-free status of churches that refused to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies, while some provinces reportedly have been considering laws that would forbid private schools teaching that traditional marriage was the ideal.”

     As has been said by all critics, this vote is not about “equality,” it is an attack by the politically correct class upon basic institutions, because, that is what the brains of members of that class are programmed to do. It is just the way the liberal-Leftist mind works.

     This debate has shown the real values of the new class; their desire for achieving their agenda at all costs, making threats, and having media hate campaigns. Even if I agreed with same sex marriage, because of the thug tactics employed, I would still oppose it.

     How is your personal vote No campaign going?  Good, eh? Keep up the good work.



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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