Russian Political Scientist Says World War III Coming By James Reed

Sure, in times of war we hear all sorts of propaganda, but that does not mean that there may not be elements of truth in it. Russian political scientist Sergey Mikheyev on Russia’s state-controlled TV, delivered a no doubt Putin-approved message to the West that the West is on the road to a nuclear World War III by supplying weapons to the Ukraine that could strike into mother Russia, and knock down all of those nice buildings, as Trump once put it. I think once President Z has weapons that can strike into Russia he will let fly with gusto, and Vlad will send a nuclear volley westward ho. Then it’s on, and over rather quickly. It is amazing that almost everyone is not scared witless of this. I suppose if it happens, life will go on as usual until it does not go on, at all.

Russian political scientist Sergey Mikheyev used Russia's state-controlled TV to send a nuclear warning to the West. Speaking on Russia’s Channel 1, he threatened that the weapons that keep reaching Ukraine will see the war in Ukraine escalate into WW3. “The nuclear war is coming”, he added after warning “[the West] don’t understand what happens next”.

Speaking live on Russian state TV, Mr Mikheyev said: “[The West] talk about how many more weapons are being sent and how frightening these weapons are.

“They don’t understand what happens next.

“They all say ‘terrible weapons are arriving over there, they keep coming and coming'.

“They promised not to use them a certain way.

“But most likely they will do it anyway. And that will lead to WW3.

“Then we’re being told ‘calm down, comrades, everything will be alright’.

“Those guys will send weapons and so will others.

“They will most likely try to use them. A common man asks ‘What happens next?’. Next comes WW3. The nuclear war is coming, that’s all.

“There will be a nuclear war.”



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Tuesday, 09 August 2022