Ruminations of a Low Status Male By Uncle Len, Lowest of the Low

     It was suggested that I write a review of Andy Nowicki’s Ruminations of a Low Status Male, volume 1 (2017), 40 pages in all in Kindle and 42 pages in paperback, going for $4.50. That is a lot of money for me, even given the rise in dole, as to match the increase, I increased my alcohol consumption. Then I have my pet cockroaches to feed. So, I read what I could for free on Nowicki, who one reviewer on the net gives 10/10, says that he is not successful, low status, and does not make much money, barely enough to get his family by. What! He has a family! He has some money! Really, he may feel low status, but almost everybody I know is worse. In fact, I am worse of, living in a shed, but I thank the Good Lord for small mercies. At least I can burn highly toxic plastic to keep warm. My brothers and sisters out there tonight are sleeping on the street literally some with just a thin sleeping bag. I think some people do not know how lucky they are, just to be warm and have a belly full of food, even sub-optimal food, and the privilege to whinge about it in print.



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Saturday, 13 August 2022