Rotherham Shame Continues By Mrs Vera West

The Rotherham grooming crime, where perhaps one million White British minors were groomed, raped and worse, is one of the greatest crimes outside of genocide in war. Yet, it looks like the authorities, who knew about it, but did nothing because of “muh racism,” are not going to be punished in this life time. Maybe they will not be so lucky in the next, so I hope they like intense heat:

A Rotherham grooming gang survivor has revealed her complaint against the police has been upheld but regretted that 'not one professional has ever been held to account and never will'.

Sammy Woodhouse, 35, was sexually abused as a 14-year-old by ringleader Arshid Hussain and later waived her anonymity as a rape victim to expose the gang. 

She also filed a complaint against South Yorkshire Police (SYP) for a string of failings that allegedly exposed other young girls to exploitation. 

Her campaigning led to an investigation by the police watchdog which has now reportedly ruled that SYP officers' conduct left Hussain free to abuse children.

Ms Woodhouse today tweeted: 'My complaints against police finally upheld. Not 1 professional has ever been held to account and never will.

'I was 16 yrs old when I first reported Arshid Hussain & corruption of SYP. It's taken 19 yrs for me to prove but I finally got there.'

The Independent Office for Police Conduct's (IOPC) Operation Linden investigation, is yet to be published but has been seen by The Times.

The paper reports that it has upheld a complaint that SYP failed to 'deal appropriately with information which may have led to a suspect being prosecuted at an earlier stage, thereby exposing other children to abuse'.  

Assistant Chief Constable Lauren Poultney has made a public apology to Ms Woodhouse, who she says should have had 'the full force' of SYP to support her.  

She said in a statement: 'We're deeply sorry that Sammy was not identified as a victim at the time of the abuse against her or consistently given the support she should have been provided.

'Sammy's bravery and courage in speaking out about her experiences has shaped the policing response to child sexual exploitation. 

'We now have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the issues and the determination to address these without fear or favour as is demonstrated by our convictions against those who abused her.

'That said, Sammy should not have had to suffer this abuse at all and when it became apparent, she should have had the full force of South Yorkshire Police to support and protect her and to bring her the justice she deserved.'”

The whole thing is enough to churn the guts of any decent person. It shows the level of degeneration the West has spiralled into, where the cult of diversity overrides all laws, all rationality, all morality, all law. Truly depressing.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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