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Of course, over the last months we have all been involved, (in one way, or another) in the drought and subsequent fires. Some have lost everything, homes, relatives, farms, stock, friends, others have suffered from the smoke, hero’s have fought the fires, whilst other brave people have raised money, or traveled across our continent to deliver food and supplies.

Farmers and related business if not critically damaged have suffered and we still have another few months of hot weather to look forward too. Its all very sad, but as we know it’s Australia, this has all happened before, little of the money donations will get to those who deserve it and nothing that the government promises to help with will be forth coming. Even the insurance companies have historically been very slow to pay out in fire disasters such as in the Marysville disaster.

All we can do is wait for the Floods, “the Creeks are dry or Ten feet High”, Australia is not an in-between existence. We can wish that the Fire Lighters will get the death sentence and that the Green Mafia whose policies have pervaded the Labor, Liberal, National Parties which are the major cause of the lack of preventative fire control in Australia are never forgiven, but unless its regularly spelled out for them, memories will fade, votes will be bought with the carrots of welfare and they will all have a place at the slop trough called Parliament.
After the 1939 fires, when a fire began near Frankston. Port Phillip Bay Victoria burned then through the Eastern part of the State 4,942,000 acres to the NSW border killing 71 people, over 1,300 homes and 69 sawmills were burned, and 3,700 buildings were destroyed. It was calculated that three-quarters of the State of Victoria was directly or indirectly affected by the disaster that caused a Royal Commission.
The Old Victorian Forest Commission.
That Commission recommended that the Forest Commission would supervise the construction and maintenance of Fire Access trails, (these trails would be wide enough to form fire breaks) throughout all of the State forests, that water points (Dams) would be built, Fire towers manned, that Dugout Shelters would be located on these fire Access Trails, and at logging camps giving shelter points for fire fighters. Most importantly the Commission recommended the ‘controlled burning’ off, in the cooler seasons of these blocks surrounded by the fire access trails in a Mosaic pattern to reduce the fuel on the forest floor. They also recommended that these area were logged within a pattern so that the forest did not become over mature and leave millions of dead trees still standing waiting to burn.

I used to be a member of the Bonang CFA. Owen Guns began in Bonang, Victoria.

It was better that, what was going to fall down one day was utilised and did not add to the fuel on the forest floor. This also up keeps the access within the forestry that had been recently logged ‘clear felled’ (and left to regrow) and could also act as fire breaks. Fire breaks are important as the only way to fight fire, (when it’s a big one) is with Fire, buckets of water helicopters might save a fire crew but will not put out a crown fire. Big fires are stopped by getting in front of them and back burning, so that when the wild fire is blown into the back burn area, there is no fuel, as its already been burnt and both fires can be contained by the fire brakes until they go out. Of course the commission also recommended that all settlements, farms, electrical power lines, houses have firebreaks and that the Forestry Commission ensure that every forest had a wide firebreak before it met the boundary fence of private property. The Commission also recommended that all forest areas be sectioned into Cattle leases so that grazing cattle would clean the firebreaks, trails and the forest floor and again improving the access.
These recommendations were so successful that they were taken on board by NSW and Queensland, they protected the forest and protected the residents, yes there were still fires and still fatalities such as the grass fires at Lara Victoria in the late 1960s but no massive fires of significance until the Ash Wednesday fires of 1983 which was mostly in South Australia. Those recommendations from the 1939 Royal Commission that were not completely implemented until after WW2 continued to save lives and keep people safe for 40 years.
(I have had personal experience with the above as I served as a volunteer CFA fireman in East Gippsland for ten years.)

Then We Got The GREEN Commission.
Before the Green movement campaigned to stop the logging, stop the cattle, stop controlled reduction burning, keep 4 wheel drives out of the forest. “Lock the Forest Up” and Make it into a National Park where no one can go.

From at least May 2018 until October 2019 the Gippsland Environment Group organised protests and co-ordinated lobbying against planned hazard reduction burns by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. Due to this lobbying (almost applauded at the time by the local ABC) the area to be burned for bushfire protection was reduced from 370 hectares to only 9 hectares. This is just one tiny example of what has been going on for years and next you have to look at who is orchestrating these campaigns and what is their real agenda and ask is it really in Australia’s best interest.

‘National Coalition for Gun Control Australia’ Paid by the Same People Who Stop Reduction Burning.
In particular it needs to be asked why nobody bothered to notice that Gippsland Environment Group President John Hermans represented the group in endorsing the 2011 ”Climate Action Summit” alongside Socialist Alliance member Dave Kerin, Socialist Alliance member Aron Micallef, Socialist Alliance member Ben Courtice, David McKnight (the former editor of the newspaper of the Communist Party of Australia) as well as the SEARCH Foundation (the actual successor group to the Communist Party of Australia).
The incendiary fire bugs are definitely guilty, but what about the guilt that should be shared equally amongst the ABC, SBS, Get Up, Open Society, SEARCH, The Green Party, The Socialist Alliance all part of the pseudo fronts for the Communist Party none of which has Australia and Australians best interest at heart, their Agenda is to the people who pay their wages George Soros and his  apprentice  Rebecca Peters and the internationalists.

Greens Agenda  Causes Fatalities.
They have even prosecuted people for making their own private property fire breaks, put them before the courts, tried them with legislation composed by the Green philosophy most have been fined and some have been sent to jail. All just want to protect their families, their homes and their livelihoods.
Such as Mr Sheahan who is still angry about his prosecution, which cost him $100,000 in fines and legal fees. Mr Sheahan cleared trees up to 100 metres away from his house. “The council stood up in court and made us to look like the worst, wanton environmental vandals on the earth. We’ve got thousands of trees on our property. We cleared about 247,” he said.

Without this Fire Break his family and home would have been lost. He had to face a Court prosecution and $100,000 fine to survive.

Save your Farm and Be Fined $100,000. by government prosecution.
Although Liam Sheahan’s 2002 decision to disregard planning laws and bulldoze 250 trees on his hilltop property hurt his family financially and emotionally, he believes it helped save them and their home on the weekend. “The house is safe because we did all that,” he said as he pointed out his kitchen window to the clear ground where tall gum trees once cast a shadow on his house.”We have got proof right here. We are the only house standing in a two-kilometre area.”Mr Sheahan was prosecuted and it cost him $100,000.
Save Your Farm Build a Fire Break and Be Fined a Million Dollars.
Many other land holders have been fined just recently the largest fine to date has impacted on
Mr Michael Baker who despite receiving conflicting advice from several different Queensland Government staff, has just resulted in a Queensland landowner being forced to pay $999,780 in fines and costs.
Michael Vincent Baker of Chess Park, Eidsvold, was found guilty in the Brisbane Magistrate Court of the unauthorised clearing. Mr Baker representative solicitor Mr Marland said “that before Mr Baker commenced the clearing in question, he contacted 32 different Government employees seeking advice on the acceptable width of fire breaks. He said he received conflicting advice ranging from 1.5 metres wide to “1.5 times the height of the tallest tree”.


This fire break cost the farmer a million dollars from a prosecution and even then its too small to stop a Crown fire.

“The Vegetation Management Act (VMA) provided an exemption for clearing remnant vegetation if the clearing was to establish a fire break, and provided the break was “no more than 20 metres wide or 1.5 times the height of the nearest vegetation”.

The Act also allowed for “the clearing necessary” to remove or reduce the imminent risk that the vegetation poses of serious personal injury or damage to infrastructure.”
Mr Baker was motivated to construct effective fire breaks because his 9242 hectare property Chess Park was almost totally burnt out by bushfire soon after he bought the property in May 2011. The fires caused $300,000 worth of damage to property infrastructure.”
The Green Public Service Prosecutes.
Department of Natural Resources and Mines Director-General James Purtill said
“The fine handed down reflects the significant extent of the illegal clearing and Mr Baker’s deliberate actions despite direct warnings given to him by the department,” Mr Purtill said.
“Queensland strikes a balance between enabling landowners to get on with managing their businesses by sensibly clearing appropriate vegetation, and protecting our environment.”

I believe that Mr James Purtill should be taken and wired to a tree before an oncoming bushfire with a 1.5 metre firebreak in front of him, before he can judge Mr Baker or anyone else’s firebreak distance especially as this was on Mr Baker’s property. All of the Greens Party all of the green bureaucrats that sit and pontificate in government departments, all of the Green teachers in our schools and universities, all of our politicians who seek the Green votes all should be taken with Mr Purtill and wired to trees. Let them feel the super heated air burning the hairs in their noses and the back of their throats when its still 30 metres away, of course when it gets closer and sucks out the air from their lungs the oxygen burns brightly and fry’s them in their own body fat. Let them really know how it feels to die, by the hands of government Green legislation in the same way that they have imposed it on innocent people who have died in the last few weeks and those that are still to die before this Green legislation has been rectified.
The ABC ad SBS are missing-in-action when it comes to standing up for the farmers who are forced to pay tax to keep the billion dollar big-government propaganda-machine running.
We Have To Protest.
Our problem is the same as Communist Russia and Communist China and Dr Goebbels National Socialist News Media distribution, it has both the Carrot and the Stick firmly within it. The media reiterates the Green philosophy, publicizes the welfare carrots, the free entertainment, the free money, do this and you will get all these freebies and castigates all that opposes the mainstream line, the welfare state.

The media should share the same guilt as our lack lustre politicians who barks to the tune of the Green Pied Piper whenever the ABC or SBS play it. I send this Bulletin to 10,000 shooters and every politicians email address that I can find. They might call it nuisance but I believe that it is my duty, not just a right, to inform all elected representatives of my will, my opinions and wishes. It is your duty as well to contact them and inform. If we lived in a fair world you could expect a reply, even stating that they disagreed with you, even that would be better than being ignored, but please do not desist keep emailing them on these topics, their underling will read them and count them and it might make your local Member sleep less quietly in the night if he feels that some people are informed that they can think and write and have an affect on his next term in parliament.

Mean While, the Enemy has Not Been Asleep.
While our attention has been on our own current disaster, China has not slowed down its imperialistic expansion. Media have made a big fuss, about Iran but Iran is but a pipsqueak in comparison to China. When we look at the current drought and fire disaster just take 30 seconds and imagine what it would be like with a million strong Asian Army in Australia burning, shooting, looting, raping, killing with 500 fighter aircraft, 2000 tanks, flame throwers, missiles, a 1000 artillery pieces. Things could be much worse.

Tibet Genocide has been relentless, now they use the Tibetan slaves for the Tourist industry, Government controlled Monasteries.

Compare the brutality that the Chinese inflicted on the Tibetans in 1950. 600,000 monks have died more than a million all told in the subsequent purges. Tibetans are an Asian people with a pacifist religious philosophy instead of Communist, compare the ferocious treatment inflicted on the Honk Kong Protestors and the slaughter of their own people in Tiananmen Square what mercy will be offered to the slave state of Australia?
As we all have been concerned with the dreadful headlines of our Australian Drought and Fires you might have missed out on the World Headlines that have naturally taken back stage but will impact on our futures.

“Indonesia mobilises fisherman for stand-off with Chinese vessels”
“China warns any attempts to ‘interfere’ in Hong Kong are ‘doomed to fail’ in end-of-year message”.
“No force can stop us’: China marks 70th anniversary with huge display of military might.”
“Hostile action’: China warns of serious consequences if Britain and US send ships into disputed waters”
“China ‘ready to go to war’ if Taiwan tries to gain independence, major defence ministry report says.”
“US, Japan, India and Philippines challenge Beijing in South China Sea with joint show of force.”
“Thitu Island: Duterte warns he will send troops on ‘suicide mission’ if China threatens disputed territory.”
“US Navy chief hints aircraft carrier could be sent through Taiwan Strait, despite threat of new Chinese missiles.”
“China threatens to further fortify its man-made islands in disputed region as tensions with US escalate.”
“US and China clashing at sea ‘only a matter of time’, expert warns.”
“I will not plead or beg, but I’m just telling you lay off Pag-asa because I have soldiers there,’ warns Philippine president.”
“China tests army of tiny drone ships that can ‘shark swarm’ enemies.”
“China ‘intimidating’ neighbours with military build up, says US”
“Chinese air force lands nuclear-capable bombers on island in disputed South China Sea.”
“Antarctica: The Next Target for China.”

Fake Chinese scientists? or Chinese soldiers uninvited to Australian Antarctic territory to man China’s Three Bases on the cold continent.

If you are interested just cut and paste one of the above “headlines” into a Google search and the full article will appear.
I hope to elaborate on these above headlines in the next edition of the Bulletin.

There is no Spring without Winter, without Mistakes there is no Learning. There is no Life without Death, without Doubts there is no Faith. There is no Peace without War, without Fear there is no Courage. For without Mistakes, Doubts and Fears there are no pathways to Wisdom.

Ron Owen.






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