Robbing Kim Kardashian by John Steele

As much as possible I have tried to shield myself from all the hype associated with Hollywood star Kim Kardashian. But I do know that she supports gun control.
How ironic, then, that in gun-controlled France (gun-controlled for ordinary people, not the criminals), Kardashian was robbed by armed robbers, disguised as police officers. Kardashian has said that guns “scare her” and if she could change the world, gun control is something she would do.

Well, Paris is a city with the sort of gun control the likes of which Kardashian supports, and look where that got her. Presumably she has some sort of security system, but she still ended up with the situation of being robbed at gun point. She could have been murdered.

Here in a nutshell is the liberal mindset, to ultimately be defenceless. The police did not get there in time to stop this. Nor did her security.

The bottom line of reality is that in the end we are ultimately responsible for our own security and as long as the bad guys, be it crooks or government crooks, have guns, ordinary people need them too. Kim, time for a reality wake-up call.

And she has increased her armed security:

It is a pity that the ordinary people don’t have the same degree of protection. As the above article concludes: “Kardashian will apparently surround herself with more good guys with guns for safety, but has not recanted her efforts to make it harder for good guys to acquire guns with which to defend themselves.”



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Friday, 24 March 2023

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