Right Here in Oz Now! By James Reed


Why is there so much attention paid in this blog to overseas madness? Won’t all of this just pass by Australia? No, we need to be aware of it, since it is happening here now. Not as intense, but it soon will be, since the same Leftist degenerative forces of diversity, and drive for the communist Chinese New World Order are alive. Witness this little event that could have been straight out of Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution re-education programmes.


Male students at an Australian School have spoken out in anger after they were forced by teachers to stand up in an assembly and collectively ‘apologise’ to female students for ‘sexism’ and ‘rapes’ committed by their gender.

The bizarre action, enforced by Brauer College in Warrnambool, Victoria, has been slammed as endemic of the ‘woke’ attack on men globally.

After the school was lambasted by parents, it issued a statement claiming that the action was “well-intended” but acknowledging it was “inappropriate.”

That wasn’t enough for some students and parents, who continue to demand a proper full apology and denouncement of the school’s actions.

Appearing on the Today show in Australia, student Craig Daniels emphasised that the assembly should “never have happened.”

“I wasn’t in the assembly personally but I know people who were and it made them feel guilty for something they haven’t done,” Daniels said.

Daniels added that the school should have instigated education about the issue of sexual consent by “not just slapping [the label] ‘predator’ on one gender when it goes both ways.”

Craig’s mother, Nicole Daniels, further urged that the school “completely messed it up”.

“What they’ve made the boys do, they’ve labelled and categorised them into the same category as a perpetrator and a rapist when these boys have done nothing wrong,” Mrs Daniels said.

Rebecca Croft, another mother of a student at the school, noted “I was just absolutely horrified about my children having to stand up and apologise for something on behalf of their gender they have no control over.”

“My 12-year-old has no idea about rape and sexual assault and he was made to apologise and he doesn’t understand why,” Croft added.

Other parents also noted that the girls at the school were upset by the incident because it made them out to be victims of sexual abuse.

This disgusting incident highlights how minority divisive attitudes amplified by big tech social media echo chambers are having a detrimental real world effect on our society.

If people become too afraid to speak out against wokism and cancel culture, this kind of thing threatens to become the norm, permanently poisoning the minds of young people globally.”

 Unfortunately, the sheer fear factor is already at work, and people, especially in the UK and USA are living in fear of the new regime. It is coming here after the next election, big time, my prediction.



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Sunday, 03 July 2022