Riding with Biden … Over the Cliff! By Chris Knight (Florida)

There have been many stories across both the Left and Right-wing media about what the Democrats will do with Joe Biden. The story made lots of money for the press. One line was that VIPs like Obama were putting pressure on old Joe to throw in the towel, no doubt wanting his own wife, Michelle to take Biden's place, giving him yet another presidency. But the latest story is that Joe Biden, supported by his crime family is staying put and running. Now the Democrats are behind Biden.

As Trump has said, now Biden can expound in detail his policies of open borders and surrender to communist China, and other woke agendas, so that the voters will know what they are getting. Given that Biden has said that he is a Black woman, he should run with the multiracial trans line as well, just for the fun of it. He, after all, is now by his definition, a woman. That should get the female vote!


"The coup to replace President Joe Biden as the Democrat nominee appears to be sputtering as prominent Democrats are publicly lining up behind the presumptive nominee despite deep private concerns documented within the party.

From vulnerable Democrat senators trying to win reelection in red and purple states, to squad members from deep blue districts, to the chairs of the Congressional Black and Hispanic Caucuses, the party is publicly rallying behind an extremely vulnerable Biden to be at the top of the ticket this fall.

Sens. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Bob Casey (D-PA), and Jon Tester (D-MT), who face extremely competitive Senate races, refused Monday to abandon Biden—who, along with his family, is adamant he is remaining in the race.

"I'm not a pundit," Brown said Monday, according to NBC News. "I've talked to people across Ohio. They have legitimate questions about whether the president should continue his campaign, and I'll keep listening to people."

Casey took a very similar approach to Brown. He refused to call on Biden to step aside for another Democrat, with Punch Bowl News's Andrew Desiderio reporting he said that the party already has its "two nominees," referring to Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris." 



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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