Revealing Revelations from an American Race Realist By Brian Simpson

     American race realist sites, such as American Renaissance and VDare, push the East Asian IQ is greater than (Northern European) Whites’ line, even though there are controversies about this in the technical literature, with one refutation I believe by IQ researcher, James Flynn. There are discussions of the “Flynn effect” on those sites but I could not find a response to his specific paper, but I could have been missed it. At best the statement deals with differences in a statistical mean, but that is not what we generally hear (“they are smarter than us”). No doubt the thought was made that this would be a good way of rejecting the “white supremacy” tag, which if this was the strategy, does not seem to have worked. Anyway, there is still good material at these sites, and despite fundamental disagreements, I still visit.

     Nevertheless, I note the article by leading writer, John Derbyshire, on an “arctic alliance,” of “ice people,” Whites and East Asians. This is seriously advocated even though the US may soon be at war with China, and there is hardly any move on China’s part for this, unless everyone surrenders now. But, I note with a smug, but grim, smile on my face, one possible reaction to why he is advocating this, in his own words:

•    “Some unkind people have scoffed that I was merely projecting my own domestic circumstances onto the world at large. (I am married to a Chinese lady.)
My reply: Possibly I was, but the Arctic Alliance may none the less be worth considering.”

     Perhaps with some doctrines it is best to consider them as social/psychological constructions and seek a causal rather than reason-based understanding of the phenomenon. For introductory reading:

     This is, of course, not to say that there is anything wrong with this, which would be quite contrary to the historical trend of our replacement, but since we don’t exist anyway, expect for abuse and punishment, does it matter?



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Friday, 19 August 2022