Restaurants Become Unsafe in an Age of Antifa/BLM By Charles Taylor

Here in the US, it is not really the Covid-19 virus to fear, but another type of threat, antifa/BLM, especially when taking your family to restaurants. These pests may strike without warning, as urban terrorists are prone to do. And, they go for the weak and vulnerable, being weak themselves.

“Black Lives Matter protesters attacked a man who reportedly exited a San Francisco East Bay suburban restaurant. The protesters pushed the man into a street with moving traffic and knocked him to the ground. Police appeared to ignore the episode.

“He’s the craziest f**king white man,” one of the protesters yells in a video tweeted by independent journalists Andy Ngo and Kitty Shackleford. The video shows sparks or burning embers on one of the protesters. reported the incident took place during a “No Justice, No Peace, Night Protest in Walnut Creek.”

Reporter Peter Kay said protesters burned Trump and Gadsden flags on the sidewalks in front of the Bourbon Highway restaurant in Walnut Creek, California. A man approached and threw some of the burning flags onto one of the protesters, the article claims.”

As I always say, their time will come.




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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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