Remember I have already lived in your future and it didn’t work - Vladimir Konstantinovich Bukovsky

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6 June 2014
Remember I have already lived in your future and it didn’t work:  It is really puzzling to me that having just buried one monster “the Soviet Union” another remarkably similar one “the European Union” is being built. 

The Soviet Union was governed by 15 unelected people who appointed each other and who were not accountable to anyone.  The EU is governed by 28 people who also appoint each other, meet in secret and are not accountable to anyone and whom we cannot sack.

One might say the EU has an elected parliament; well the Soviet Union had a sort of parliament too.  The Supreme Soviet who just rubber-stamped Politburo decisions pretty much like the EU does, and where speaking time is restricted to political groupings, and with a time limit of just one minute per speaker. 

In the EU there are 100,000’s of Eurocrats with their huge salaries, pensions, servants, privileges and lifelong immunity from prosecution, simply shuffling from one position to another, no matter what they do or fail to do.  Is this not exactly what life in the Soviet Union used to be too?...

The old Soviet Union system was incapable of reform.  So is the EU.  But there is an alternative to being ruled by these two dozen self-appointed officials in Brussels - it is called independence.  You don’t have to accept what they have planned for you.  After all, you have not asked if you wanted to join.  Remember I have already lived in your future and it didn’t work… 

The European Union and Soviet Union similarities – 2013 Vladimir Konstantinovich Bukovsky, a UKIP member, is a leading member of the dissident movement of the 1960s and 1970s in Russia - Writer, neurophysiologist, and political activist, he now lives in Cambridge.

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to the Editor of THE MELBOURNE ANGLICAN                  17th July 2016

Mark Brolly's report on Brexit ('Rethink UK after EU exit, urge Canterbury, York', TMA July) is too neglectful of the powerful reasons why the British people were right to reject the EU. Passing off a widespread concern that 'the EU had become too bureaucratic and too powerful' as a 'fear agenda' which should not be followed is to misunderstand the serious danger that Britain is seeking to avoid. That the EU is gravely threatening traditional intellectual freedom has been established by numerous writers, notably Paul Coleman in his book 'Censored: How European "Hate Speech" Laws are Threatening Freedom of Speech.'

Then there was also the huge issue of safeguarding British sovereignty, national independence and the status of the Crown. It is a pity that UK church leaders, as reported by Brolly, appear to have said nothing commendatory at all about the British people's well justified determination to maintain the cultural and constitutional integrity of their nation.
Nigel Jackson, Belgrave




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