‘Religion', its meaning and outworking

The word 'religion' comes from two Latin words: the prefix ‘re’ as in repay, return, etc., and ‘ligare’ which means ‘to bind’. A ligament, which is a fibrous tissue connecting bones or cartilages, stems from the same Latin root as ligare, from which comes the English word 'religion'.  In medicine a ligature is a thread used to tie or bind a vessel.

Therefore, when I think of 'religion' (the noun) I am thinking of a 'set of beliefs' by which a person is guided, a 'set of beliefs' which he 'binds back to' - and applies in his life (‘religion’ the verb).  One should clearly distinguish between the noun and the verb.

Even atheists and agnostics have their own 'religion', their own ‘binding back’ to a ‘set of beliefs’. Just because they don't believe in a higher spiritual Being, or a spiritual dimension of Life, doesn't mean they don't have their own belief system!  And what about the 'fruits' of party politics?

Fabian socialist labor prime ministers of Australia, Gough Whitlam, Bob Hawke and Paul Keating most certainly had a set of beliefs, out of which stemmed the policies they imposed upon this nation. They most certainly did apply their 'religion'! Just as liberal prime ministers Malcolm Fraser and John Howard continued with the very same set of beliefs and as Malcolm Turnbull’s ‘Liberals’ will now also do.


The same concepts can be applied to all the statements of Christian leaders about the Common Good, or Social Justice, or Development and Peace. But, what do all these wordy statements mean in practice?  By their 'fruits' (i.e., by what they do and by the results of what they do) we will know them.

It follows that since our Government and Laws have developed from the Christian revelation, (philosophy or religion) it is inevitable that a change of philosophy (or religion) by those who govern us will flow through to the laws and institutions of Government. We see this happening in countries that allow other philosophical influences into their Parliaments and so adjustment to law follows.

So what can I do, as an individual, to impose my religion, my set of beliefs on my political representatives?

You are fortunate that others have done a good part of the work to get you started. The social dynamics videos are an excellent source for understanding why religion (your set of beliefs) is most important and how to use the 'social dynamic' to have an influence on policy in your parliament.

Prepare yourself and then have a go to influence the point of view of your representative in your electorate.

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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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