Refugee Protesters Fall to Lock Down By James Reed

     Poor globalist cosmopolitan socialists, eternally wanting open borders, and regularly ranting and raving in street protests. But times have changed, not all totally bad, there are a few diamonds in the rough, as they come unstuck:

“Victoria Police has arrested one man and fined 26 others in excess of $40,000 for breaching a coronavirus stay at home order after a car cavalcade protest called for the release of refugees in Melbourne. Victoria Police has arrested one refugee advocate and fined dozens of others a total of $43,000 for breaching coronavirus stay at home orders by conducting a protest outside a Melbourne hotel housing refugees and asylum seekers. The protesters on Friday formed a car motorcade to protest the situation faced by the men inside the Mantra Hotel in the northern Melbourne suburb of Preston, where they say the men are in danger of contracting COVID-19. The men inside the hotel have themselves been protesting their crowded conditions and what they say is a lack of personal hygiene supplies, such as hand sanitiser. Protest organisers said the demonstration was done in cars so that all protesters maintained their required social distance at all times.”

    But, it was not enough, since the travel was not “essential” in the first place, and of course it was not.



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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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