Raped Girls Need to be Quiet for the Good of Die-versity By Richard Miller

     Just imagine if some group of white racists had raped tens of thousands, if not a million non-white girls. Why, rightly, the sky would fall. But when the roles are reversed, the rape victims are just told to lay back and think of multiculturalism, literally:

“The Labour Party’s new leader has appointed an MP who shared a tweet stating “Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity” as Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion. Naseem ‘Naz’ Shah, the British-Pakistani Labour MP for Bradford West, sparked outrage when she shared the tweet — which she said was “a genuine accident”, although she also “liked” it — in 2017, with tens of thousands of people signing a petition demanding her resignation. She did not resign — indeed, former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn actually promoted her to a frontbench role as Shadow Minister of State for Women and Equalities in his Shadow Cabinet the following year. Now Corbyn’s successor Sir Keir Starmer, the devoted anti-Brexiteer hailed by many left-liberals as a “moderate” who can drag Labour back to the so-called “centre ground” of British politics, has also shown favour to Shah, appointing her to the newly created post of Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion.”


     The UK Labor Party now needs to change its name to the Multicultural Rape Party.



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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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