Radical Socialists have Big pHARMA and Corporate Capitalist Control By James Reed

We have noticed that the various radical socialist groups across Australia have a new enemy, anti-vaxxers, whom they depict in their illegally pasted posters (e.g. on public infrastructure), as extreme Right-wing fascists. That should be news to those good people on the ground protesting, who come from all races and ethnic groups. Just ask Aussie Cossack who is not white and has given a video refuting the radical socialists.




The narrative of the socialist has been to make an enemy, using the convenient white nationalist, as the system has put a lot of energy in creating them as public enemies. But, there are few such people at the rallies across the world, including in Asia!


What is a give away is how the Left now support the corporates with a passion, when in the 1960s, the thing of the New Left was to attack corporate capitalism, especially Big pHARMa. The change is that the Left has seen that this is the royal way to power and what they are on about as a set of new class elites, is social control, by whatever means possible. Anyway, they will all be dutifully fully vaxxed up on mRNA vaccines, so we will see who is conspiratorial at the end of the day! Good luck!



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Tuesday, 23 July 2024

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