Questioning Alleged Black Athletic Superiority by Charles Taylor

Black athletic superiority, over Whites and Asians, has been widely supported by those believing that racial differences are real: including White racialists and the pro-Black movement.
Eighty per cent of American pro-basketball players are Black and two thirds of American pro-footballers. So are most heavy weight American boxers (but not lighter weights). The marathon has been dominated by East Africans.

All true and undeniable. The racial theory then goes on to claim that Blacks dominate these sports because of a higher ratio of fast twitch to slow twitch muscle fibers. Never mind the fact that this distinction between muscle fibers is questioned by some physiologists and that its identification criteria are said to be logically circular, and that there may be a slow-to-fast muscle fire transition: In any case, Blacks, they say, have the genetic edge – they are just too good for the wore-out old White man.

Much has been made of the Blacks, Jesse Owens’ track victories at the 1936 Munich Olympics. Owens’ victory was said by the media to have smashed Hitler’s alleged myth of Aryan racial superiority. Owens is used as a vindicator of egalitarian fantasies. However, it is consistent with the Aryan supremacy theory that Black athletes may have superior running speed. Hitler never said that they didn’t.

Aryan physical supremacy should be judged by overall superiority of performance over the widest possible range of events, and the 1936 Olympics confirmed this. The fact is that Nazi Germany won more gold, silver and bronze medals, 89 in total, more than that of the multiracial honey pot, the United States, which only had 56 in total. This is not to defend Hitler, but to defend truth.

Here are some more facts. In the 1988 Winter and Summer Olympics, East Germany won approximately 150 medals, while the larger Black nation within America won only 15 medals. The Black American basketballers were soundly defeated by the White Russians. Bulgarian and Russian weightlifters have easily defeated Black weightlifters. Sure, they all have been on steroids or human growth or a cocktail of both. Everybody seems to be on the juice nowadays, even my cat.

What about sprinting? In the 200 meters, Italia Pietro Mennea set the record in 1979 at 19.72 seconds. The champion over the 100 and 200 meters at Munich in 1972 was Ukrainian Valery Borzov who defeated every Black American sprinter he ran against in America. In the Rome Olympics in 1960 all three medallists in the 100 meters final were White men, with the winner being Armin Hary of West Germany and with Britain’s Peter Radford taking the bronze. The 200 meters was won by the Italian Livio Berutti. In the Moscow 1980 Olympics, Alan Wells beat Black Sylvio Leonard of Cuba in the 100 meters.

The issue of Black athletic superiority is usually only discussed for males. The situation is somewhat different for women’s athletics where across the entire array of speed sports, we do not find a Black dominance as such. Superiority seems to be more individual related than racially-based. Many of the Black sprinters who have been successful are often mixed race.

The issue in question is a metaphysical one: how can innate ability be judged by observing performance? But there is more to performance than mere raw ability. There is also a socio-political and cultural dimension. Blacks may well be promoted at the expense of Whites in some sports. Those sports where Blacks have excelled are promoted above those where they do not e.g. ice and snow sports, swimming over those where they do not e.g. weightlifting, shooting, archery etc. are not promoted to the same degree.

Thus much is made of Black’s dominance in heavy weight boxing, but little fanfare is given to the White dominance in superior combat sports such as wrestling. It is a fact that whereas boxers usually defeat Asian martial artists, wrestlers usually defeat boxers. The Brazilian jiu jitsu school of Gracie has since the late 1980s consistently defeated a wide range of Asian and Western martial artists with its grappling skills. We would be prepared to bet that a good heavy weight or superheavy weight wrestler or MMA would have soundly defeat someone like Mike Tyson in his prime in a wrestling vs boxing match in probably under a minute.

On the question of “iron” Mike Tyson… Back in to the late 1980s recall seeing a White superman challenge Tyson to a boxing match. The guy was in the 350lb + region of solid muscle, with a bench press of about 600lbs, deadlift of 800 and a squat of slightly more. However, he was never given a shot at Tyson. There are plenty of huge, mean tough white guys (some even bigger and stronger) who will never get a shot at the heavy weight boxing title because they are too big for the weight division. There is unfortunately no super heavy weight division.

Today, the heavyweight champions are genuinely multicultural, with Tyson Fury, Joseph Parker, Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder. The cruiserweight division is basically dominated by Russians: Denis Lededev, Tony Bellew, Marat Gassiev and Oleksandr Usyk. The so-called total dominance of boxing by Black Americans is gone, but their contribution is still highly distinguished. However, it is no longer evidence for the racialists.

Boxing has been in any case going downhill since the time of Joe Louis. Louis I grant, was a great boxer and a gentleman compared to the politically charged Ali. It is said that when Ali met Louis, Ali raised the issue of which of them was the best boxer. Louis began to reply by saying that he used to go on a “bum of the month tour.” Ali interjected and said “Are you calling me a bum?” To which Louis replied “You wouldn’t even be on tour.”
Ali, to be sure had tremendous speed and that allowed him to be a showman in the ring. But as he aged he slowed down and not having a sound scientific boxing strategy, he was constantly hit. It was not surprising to find that he developed Parkinson’s disease. Against a Jack Dempsey or a Joe Louis in their prime, Ali would have been cut to threads in my opinion.

Even though the heavy weight division of boxing has gone to the dogs and may well be rigged, the lighter weight divisions where much less money is involved still seem to have maintained a degree of honesty. Across these divisions Blacks, although strongly represented, by no means dominated and there are champions of a wide number (and mixture of races.)
In the lightest divisions we have yet to set what contribution China will make if this nation sets its mind to get serious about boxing.

Chinese women swimmers, a few years back, tanked up on steroids, had a devastating impact on the swimming scene until drug testing methods caught up with them.

Sport has become the opium of the masses. In South Africa the Boers were threatened with the prospect that their South African football teams would be barred from international competition unless they approved the referendum. We know now where that act led: the destruction of the White South Africa.

Witness the Olympic Games: sport, like the movies has become a weapon promoting globalist and multicult values. Thus, we need to deconstruct sport as Sporting-Joe is as dangerous as Joe-Six-Pack. The really big game today is survival, and all races will be competing in that final marathon.



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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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