Quantum 666 Mark of the Vaccination Beastie By James Reed

     All my apocalyptic technophobe fears are coming alarmingly true, as the mark of the beast written about in the Bible, and taught to me by fanatical Sunday school teachers, bless them and their leather straps with studs, is coming. And it is all due to the vaccine conspiracy. Well, I did not anticipate that, but that is why I am at the bottom of the great wheelie bin of history, and unquestionably the worst journalist here, although better than Uncle Len, who is so deeply in lockdown that nobody hears from him anymore.

“Those who line up to get injected with Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines this fall can expect to have their entire vaccination history permanently stored on some government server somewhere, thanks to the invisible quantum dot tattoos that Bill Gates is ensuring will be quietly embedded within them. A special dye containing nanocrystal quantum dots has reportedly been funded by Gates for inclusion into the jabs, emitting near-infrared light that can be detected using a specially equipped smartphone. These quantum dots can supposedly persist for five years under the skin, which presumably has to be replaced with a new injection for another five years of stored vaccination history. Developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with Gates funding, these new tattoos silently store people’s health records without them even knowing it, a “Mark of the Beast” type of technological system that aligns with key provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka “Obamacare.” “This technology could enable the rapid and anonymous detection of patient vaccination history to ensure that every child is vaccinated,” stated Kevin McHugh, a former MIT postdoc who now works as an assistant professor of biotechnology at Rice University in Houston. A new study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine explains how the technology utilizes copper to make the medical records “on-patient,” meaning inside their bodies and still readable by scanning devices that can detect near-infrared spectrum light.

“The dots are only about 4 nanometers in diameter, but they are encapsulated in biocompatible microparticles that form spheres about 20 microns in diameter,” reports Great Game India. “This encapsulation allows the dye to remain in place, hidden under the skin, after being injected along with a vaccine.” Is the Mark of the Beast coming through Operation Warp Speed? The way this dye is delivered is through a microneedle patch rather than a traditional syringe and needle. Like its name suggests, the microneedle patch contains a patchwork of microneedles that, when affixed to the skin, injects the “venom” with minimal pain or invasion. The microneedle patch also dissolves on its own, its constituents being a mixture of simple sugar and a special polymer known as PVA. So once the job is done, it basically disappears with no visible waste, making it “sustainable” in the eyes of Gates and his supporters. All of this is a dream come true for Gates, who seems to have been waiting his entire life for this moment to unleash what amounts to tracking chips for the “human cattle” of the world – all disguised as a “vaccine,” of course. How this all ties into President Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” (OWS) program for fast-tracked Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines remains to be seen. Will all of them contain the quantum dot tattoos being pushed by Gates, or will it just be some of them? Or will there even be any vaccines at all, as some believe OWS is a ruse and cover for some other unstated operation? Another point of concern is the “Trust Stamp” technology also funded with Bill Gates cash. The Trust Stamp is already being implemented by Mastercard and GAVI as a type of biometric digital identity program, which appears to directly coincide with quantum dot tattoo technology. “The program said to ‘evolve as you evolve’ is part of the Global War on Cash and has the potential dual use for the purposes of surveillance and ‘predictive policing’ based on your vaccination history,” reports further indicate. “Those who may not wish to be vaccinated may be locked out of the system based on their trust score.”


    Of course, the fact checkers say that all of this is false, but that is just what they would say, isn’t it?

     Yes, we are well truly now in the Chinee New World Order, just waiting for America to implode, as our US correspondents report each day, so it is logical that the globalist elites will move on their next medical experiment on us. Melbourne was a psychological experiment, and now, excited by what hey achieved, who knows where they will be travelling next in the Grand Plan to wipe out us deplorables? Oh well, everyone has to die someday. What a pity life was so unpleasant. Without alcohol to drown it out, it would have been a misery, instead of just a total disaster.



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Sunday, 23 June 2024

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