Pussycats By John Steele

     Military theorist Martin van Creveld, has published a piece with the simple title, “Pussycats”: http://www.martin-van-creveld.com/pussycats/. His basic thesis is that high technology has made the modern soldier into a “pussycat,’ someone soft compared to the fighters of yesterday. Technology has taken some of the risk out of fighting, where the hope is to blast one’s enemy at a safe distance with missiles and drones. Armies do not want to take causalities.

     Further, Western countries have fought “luxury’ wars rather than existential struggles since the end of World War II, with the threat of nuclear attack, holding enemies at bay, until recently when the enemy was allowed inside the gates. In fact, it is enemy ideologies that now dominate the military of the West, as he says, but not in those words exactly, but better words:

“An important role in all this is played by military women and feminism generally. In every known human society (even, as far as we are able to judge, in some animal societies) since the world began, whatever treatment was considered suitable for males has been seen as too harsh for females. Conversely, to be treated like women was perceived as the most humiliating thing men could undergo. By insisting on gender equality the way they have—even putting in place “equal employment opportunity officers” charged with hounding any man who dares “offend” a woman—Western armed forces have dragged their men’s pride through the mire. The more so because, as the distribution of casualties shows, it is the men who do practically all the fighting. At the same time they have often confronted women with demands that were too much for them. The proof of this particular pudding is in the eating.
Proportionally speaking, far more female than male soldiers are said to suffer from PTSD.
Had the system been deliberately designed to sap the fighting power of Western armies, it could hardly have been improved on. This might well make us ask: cui bono? Who profits? There are several answers. First come thousands of “mental health professionals” hired to treat the people in question. Like the female psychologist in Philipp Roth’s book, The Human Stain, who asks a Vietnam veteran whether he has ever killed anybody (firing a machine gun from a helicopter, he has killed hundreds, perhaps thousands), most would not recognize a bullet if they saw one. Next come the corporations that produce all sorts of psychopharma (the standard method for treating PTSD is to drug the patients). Third are the media. Always eager to throw the first stone, very often they have a field day selling those suffering from the symptoms to a slavering public. Between them, these three make billions out of the enterprise.
Last not least are feminist organizations which always insist on “equality” (in reality, privilege) even if it means going over the bodies of many “sisters” and wrecking their countries’ military.
Two points remain to be made.
First, as their repeated victories prove, the Taliban, their brothers in arms in other countries, and non-Western societies generally know better than to follow the West on its self-destructive path.
Second, societies that lose their fighting power by treating their troops in this way are doomed. Sooner or later, somebody will come along, big sword in hand, and cut off their head.”

     I agree entirely with this assessment of the decline of masculinity and manhood in the military. It is almost as if we are being set-up for defeat. This situation is in sharp contrast to the Chinese and Russian military, where the ideals of masculine toughness are encouraged and regarded as a virtue. One only needs to look at YouTube (e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlarYpBb0lc), to see how tough the average Chinese and Russian soldiers are.  In my opinion, they are far tougher than we were back in the day. That is not to even start on their special forces.

     Thus, when it comes to ultimately fighting rifle to rifle, and hand to hand, the West will be in big trouble. As documented at this site each week, police in the West are unable to deal with home-grown terrorists, with no go zones across European cities rapidly expanding.



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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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