Protected Only by Tractors Tom North

     By the time you read this, the results will be known, but they are likely to be negative. Catalan has conducted a “banned” referendum about independence from Spain, and the Spanish government has responded as any despot would do, seizing over 2.5 million ballots, as the Madrid Deep State uses the police to squash the referendum:

     The High Court, surprise, surprise, ruled that the referendum was illegal, even though this essentially begs the question about the “legality” of such a decision, and legal body itself.  As well, the court ordered Google to delete an app which Catalan separatists were using to publicise the referendum. There’s free speech for you!

     However, in a counter move, hundreds of tractors are being employed in defence of the polling stations. No doubt, further down the track, we will see tanks versus tractors, made into improvised war machines.

     The Catalans are an ethnic group in northern Spain, who do not identify with the Spanish, and have their own culture and language, preceding the artificial construction known as “Spain”:
They have sought independence for as long as Spain has existed, but have been held in bond by the brute force of the state. No doubt, they still will. But the future is one where the nation state will no longer exist, and neither will the global state. People will return to how humanity has always lived before the rise of pernicious modernism.

     As painful as it may be for the old school conservatives, who have swallowed liberalism hook, line and sinker, the same fate awaits all of the West, including Australia, which is already splitting up into its ethnic enclaves. “But, that’s tribalism!” Yes, and it is happening, because humans are not as liberalism depicts them, isolated social atoms; nor are they as communists depict them either, no more than a social stew.

     A good recent book on this issue, and it is hard to keep up with all of the bad news and doom just rolling off of the press, is Ricardo Duchesne, Canada in Decay: Mass Immigration, Diversity, and the Ethnocide of Euro-Canadians, (Black House Publishing, 2017), which focuses on how immigration and multiculturalism is deconstructing the European identity, or what it once was of Canada.

     This book contains useful empirical and historical material detailing how the elites worked Canada over, but it also contains a scholarly critique of academic work supporting multiculturalism, or at least supplying a philosophical foundation for it, including Will Kymlicka and Charles Taylor. My head aches too much to go through all of this technical stuff, and this is probably not the venue for it, as we are people of action, not idle speculation and philosophising. Needless to say, Duchesne wins the intellectual battle. But, the real battle lies before the West, if it can rise to the challenge, not to defeat the globalists in the field of arguments, but where it counts, out in the real world.



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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