Professor Anthony Sutton Archives

I have just spent about one hour searching the Internet to dis- uncover seven titles in PDF by Professor Anthony Sutton. I also did a search on YouTube, you can use the link above, to also dis- uncover many videos and audio archives of this man's work.

The Internet as a resource is unequalled.  It may be prudent to double check your facts in order to avoid error, but the general outcome is pretty good.
There really is no longer any excuse for not knowing what is actually going on.

I have placed the 7 PDF titles into the ALOR Library for reference.


The current political climate is starting to see cracks on the immigration issue, but the major parties have played no part in this, and will only yield as they are dragged kicking and screaming in resistance. The electorate must rally support around those politicians who are campaigning in the front line, in particular Pauline Hanson. She has worked for 20 years that Australians might finally have a say.

Brexit took 40 years for the public to have a say, and have a say they did. The major parties in Britain are now gathering together to resist the outcome of the vote. Only the British people themselves can be trusted with this level of power and they must actively campaign against those parties.

So it is in Australia that only the Australian people themselves can be trusted. We in Australia must take back our parliament. This can only happen if each electorate is able to have some influence on their representative. The party system must be defeated.

A bit of history on the links below for those interested.




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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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