President Oprah: Prepare for the End By Peter West

     At present, the Liberal/Left are excited about the prospects of TV agony-aunt Oprah Winfrey running against Trump in the 2020 presidential elections. As one would expect in a media-saturated, dumbed-down culture like America, an opinion poll has shown that 48 percent of the grunters would vote for Oprah, while 38 percent would vote for Trump:

    Here is a good example of white pathology, for according to some media reports, this saint of the TV thinks that old whites, who are racist, have to die out:

“Winfrey was promoting her most recent film, “The Butler,” in 2013 when she talked to the BBC about racism. The original interview seems to have disappeared online, but some of her words will live on:
“There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism,” Winfrey said, according to MSNBC. “And they just have to die.”
Her logic was celebrated by some — “Oprah Joins the Long Line of People Waiting for Old Racists to Die,” for example.
But right-leaning sites accused her of playing race politics to sell movie tickets.
Anticipating the deaths of any potential voters, even old racists, can’t lend itself to a positive presidential campaign.”

     That’s putting it mildly.
Now, I know that debunking sites such as:  deny that she said “white”:

“And there’s a whole generation — I said this for apartheid South Africa, I said this for my own community in the South — there are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die.” Nevertheless, this does not solve anything, because in context, as they admit, the majority of people she was talking about are white. And, even if they were not, she is targeting a whole strata of people who she looks forward to seeing “die out.”

     Even if Snopes is technically correct, which is doubtful given other MSM references, Oprah emerges in an even worse light. In the future we will be subjecting these debunking sites to a critique.

     Then there is the case of #MeToo, and Oprah having a cosy relationship with accused sexual abuser Harvey Weinstein. There are even photographs of her kissing what appears to be his ear, and she has been accused of knowing about this for decades:

“In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Seal accused Oprah Winfrey of knowing about Harvey Weinstein’s predatory behavior towards young women “for decades” and doing nothing about it.
“Oh I forgot, that’s right…’d heard the rumours but you had no idea he was actually serially assaulting young stary-eyed actresses who in turn had no idea what they were getting into. My bad,” the singer said in the post, which accompanied a meme of Winfrey and Weinstein. “When you have been part of the problem for decades, but suddenly they all think you are the solution,” the meme says, over photos of the two at events, one with Winfrey kissing Weinstein’s cheek.
He concluded with the hashtag “#SanctimoniousHollywood.”

     After all, paradoxically, Oprah is now leading the #MeToo movement:

     The selectivity and hypocrisy of the Hollywood set is truly amazing. While not wishing to minimise the sexual assault issue, many Hollywood types had no problem defending Roman Polanski, when he was convicted of statutory rape of a 13 year- old girl:
saying that the offence did not matter , or that he should be forgiven, because he was a “great artist.”

     Along with this, there are many photographs on the net of actresses who have accused various film and media male moguls of sexual misadventures, embracing, kissing etc. after the alleged events. That does not show that the claims are false, but it does raise a moral issue. They say that they could not speak out because of fear of losing film roles. But, what does that say about their commitment to “sisterhood” and “social justice”? Jobs are clearly more important than righting wrongs. What happened to saving others from harm?

     A new form of politically correct “puritanism” has arrived, and there is no stopping it now, as it sweeps across the West:

“What began as freeing women up to speak has today turned into the opposite -- we intimidate people into speaking ‘correctly’, shout down those who don’t fall into line, and those women who refused to bend” to the new realities “are regarded as complicit and traitors.”

Ah, they don’t make women like that anymore.

     As a civilisation reaches a “fall of Rome” situation, all sorts of madness will descend, as the demons of cultural destruction escape from Pandora’s Box:



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Wednesday, 17 August 2022