Post-Election Civil War Again By Chris Knight

         Gun sales in America are at an all time high, much like the wild west, as polls have shown that a majority of Americans believe that a post-election civil war is coming, that is in less than a month. Now a number of us have contributed articles on this, but here is a video from Dr Steve Turley, and one from Hannity, putting it all together:

         Here is our favourite Black survivalist guy giving a similar call-out for preparing for the coming chaos.

Yes, you really need to see it, because now even Blacks are being targeted by the urban terrorists:

         Why should you Aussies be concerned if America collapses? Well, your freedom from invasion hinges on your alliance with the United States. It is no secret that China is now a major threat to you, and when the US goes, you are on your own, like Taiwan. Your leaders in the post-World period followed the corporate push for mass immigration instead of developing nuclear weapons, even though the British had nuclear tests in your outback. Your writers like James Reed have argued that this was a Fabian socialist ploy to dilute Anglo-Saxon Australia and the British connection.

Watch Michelle Obama lie, as she says the protests were mostly peaceful as in the background America is burnt to the ground. Yes, they are racist … against whites. And yes, “spreading lies to win,” comes from the Democrats.

         A taste of the future, coming from both the Left and the Right.



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Saturday, 02 December 2023

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