Port Adelaide Enfield Mayor Speaks Out on Vax Side Effects By Mrs Vera West

Port Adelaide Enfield Mayor Claire Boan has spoken to an anti-vax podcast to say that she will not have any more jabs and neither will her children, after her experience of side effects. Good for her. I am pleased that a person of some influence has taken a stand on this and detailed what they have gone through. It is surprising to for the media to give her a hearing, but of course the article does conclude with the usual counter, that this is all exceedingly rare, and so on. However, articles summarised at this blog, even today on Easter Monday, many based upon overseas studies run contrary to this, and we see the blog as performing the function of being an information clearing house for Australians, with material that will certainly not be found in the mainstream press.




“Port Adelaide Enfield Mayor Claire Boan has taken to an anti-vax podcast to tell listeners she will not have any more jabs and neither will her children, after she claimed to have experienced side effects.

Ms Boan was a guest on the Prison Colony Resistance podcast, aptly shortened to PCR podcast that is described as “where you come to get a PCR test for Truth” and encourages listeners to “Resist. Live free. Do not comply.”

As a guest, Ms Boan recounted her experience dealing with dizzy spells, brain fog, anxiety, heightened emotions and increased burping which, she said, was a result of the vaccine.

But it wasn’t until she started to feel faint while driving that Ms Boan start to become concerned.
“I don’t know how I survived,” she said on the podcast.

She continued to have dizzy moments but attributed it to stress.

After receiving her second vaccine dose at a “stupid pop-up”, Ms Boan recalled feeling a lot more emotional than she was used to.

“I started crying at work,” she said.

She decided to go to a GP who sent her straight to the hospital emergency department.

Ms Boan said a triage nurse told her “This is Pfizer; we’re getting it all the time.”

Ms Boan said she had a D-dimer test for micro blood clots, a chest X-ray that came back normal, and an ECG that was abnormal but dismissed.

Ms Boan said doctors told her that her symptoms were an immune response to the vaccine, but they refused to acknowledge that technically.

She claimed she later became fatigued, and hardly able walk from the couch to her bed.

“I was laying in bed, my pulse was really weak, and I thought ‘This is the end’,” she said.

“I was saying goodbye to my family, my kids, my husband, my Mum and Dad.”

Paramedics said that everything was fine, but Ms Boan demanded they take [her] to hospital.

After admitting her and running tests, everything came back normal.

Ms Boan reported her symptoms to both Therapeutic Goods Administration and SA Health.

Now, Ms Boan said she struggle with memory loss and finds it difficult to hold conversations – but is on the mend.

She reached out to private cardiologists and received a diagnosis of pericarditis, a mild heart condition.

“It’s a huge trauma to have to work through,” she said.

Ms Boan said she experienced constant anxiety, thinking she was going to die.

She regretted having the vaccine, saying the campaign to vaccinate Australia was “pure fear propaganda”.

Ms Boan told The Advertiser that she was aware that she had influence, especially in her community of Port Adelaide Enfield, but stresses that she was “giving people the opportunity to hear my story”.

She said she was “definitely against the (vaccine) mandate”.

Health Minister, Chris Picton said “Covid vaccinations have been through a rigorous national expert assessment process to ensure that they are safe and effective.

“The fact that over 93 per cent of South Australians over 12 have rolled up to be vaccinated has had a dramatic impact on reducing the hospitalisation and mortality rate despite the high number of cases we have seen.”




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Sunday, 03 March 2024

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