Police State New Zealand By John Welton

     As a New Zealand gun owner, with no convictions, I sincerely hope that my name has been flagged in the New World Order police state surveillance system. If not, then I will cry crocodile tears each night on my pillow. Just imagine what is going on across the lake in the grown-up people’s country, of Australia, land of the juicy social welfare, that New Zealanders love as well:

“Nearly two million people appear in a New Zealand police intelligence system with an alert against their name, inquiries by the Otago Daily Times have revealed. Those in the database are generally flagged without their knowledge, and a leading security analyst says the broad sweep of the system raises privacy concerns. George Block reports. Has your driver's licence ever been cancelled? Vetted by police recently? Do you have a firearms licence? Then chances are you appear in the police National Intelligence Application (NIA) with at least one alert against your name. Police can apply 126 different "person alerts", including flags for firearms licence holders, people known by police to be HIV (AIDS) positive, and alerts for paedophiles and convicted murderers. This all adds up: 1,988,963 people in New Zealand have at least one alert against their name - just over 40 per cent of the population at an average of 1.7 alerts per person, according to figures obtained under the Official Information Act by the Otago Daily Times.”

     It would be more efficient and comprehensive to simply make everybody a suspected terrorist. Well, maybe they have. Good for them.

Authorised by K. W. Grundy
13 Carsten Court, Happy Valley, SA.



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Saturday, 13 August 2022