Plagiarist China: One for “American Renaissance” By Brian Simpson

The American Renaissance site, so-called pro-white and race realist, has championed the view the East Asians are “so much smarter than us.” Well, if that is so, then why has China plagiarised and stolen intellectual material from the dull West? And why bother defending such a dumb people as we Whites? Wouldn’t it be better to become, East Asia Renaissance? Just asking, no offence intended. Oh, I intend to do a technical paper refuting the East Asian IQ ideology in the future. Stay tuned.


“A Chinese professor recently bragged in front of a mainland Chinese audience that China had successfully “copied its way to the world’s front row,” which has emboldened the regime to take a more aggressive line towards the United States.

For the past 40 years, the Chinese regime only did one thing: plagiarize, Zang Qichao, a prominent marketing expert and visiting professor of Beijing’s Tsinghua University, told a group of Chinese entrepreneurs recently.

“We plagiarized wildly, copied wildly,” Zang said.

“What intellectual property rights? What patented technology? We’ll get it first and deal with it later.”

Through this approach, China has skyrocketed to become one of the world’s leading economies, and now finds that there’s nothing left to replicate, Zang said. …

Four decades of cheating:

Since the Chinese regime’s economic reforms of the late 1970s, it has depended heavily on foreigners bringing in their investments, technology, and know-how to spur the country’s economic development, Zang said.

Specifically, Zang said the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) forced foreign businesses to enter into partnerships with domestic firms, so the locals could learn from the foreigners and eventually replace them by running the businesses themselves.

Known as forced technology transfer, the CCP has forced foreign companies to enter into joint ventures with local firms and handover their intellectual property (IP) as a condition of entry to the Chinese market.

After four decades, “we’ve learned everything, and can do everything ourselves,” he said.

“When we look back, the factories are ours, the equipment is ours, the technology is ours, the patents are ours,” Zang said. “The foreigners have all gone.”

The CCP’s rampant theft of foreign IP has sparked rising push back in recent years, particularly during the Trump administration. U.S. officials have described Beijing’s strategy to overtake the United States as the lone superpower as centered on the actions: “rob, replicate, replace.” …

In his speech, Zang said the United States had finally found out about Beijing’s plans.

“They don’t let us copy anymore,” he said.

Joanne Nova:

And so the mask comes off. After forty years of cheating in a “forced technology transfer” the game is up. Trump called China for the theft of intellectual property, then launched a trade war, but the CCP already had stolen much of the information it needed.

This is not just an economic war, this is a big wet blanket on some kinds of scientific research. With one big bad player in the game breaking the rules, there is less incentive for people to announce and share discoveries. Royalties can’t be enforced, and a competitor might copy and compete against you. Are we entering a new era cold war of secrecy? …

Imagine a Westerner anywhere proudly saying “the foreigners have all gone?”

Feel the hostility — the complete lack of respect or shred of any gratitude.

Where are the squad of progressive Sino activists lecturing Zang for his racist hate?’

There are none, because our globalist elites hate us and want to see us disappear from the face of the Earth, even though, they go too. Call it racial suicide.



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Friday, 19 August 2022