People Who Live in Commo Houses Should Not Throw Molotov Cocktails! By Chris Knight

     Alright everyone, here is story which is best seen by looking at the video. It seems that antifa were throwing Molotov cocktails at police, and one commo got caught on fire. Not to laugh at anyone’s misfortune, or hot feet, which would not be the Christian thing to do. But the question must be asked: there are numerous offences being committed here, from arson, to assault with a deadly weapon. Police could arrest the whole lot of them, using the national guard to collect them, putting them in cattle trucks, in chains, maybe, but the local Democrat authorities in the executive do not want this, since most of these decadent white punks are kids of the elite, who will be the future globalists, just like in the 1960s. This is their training ground, and the ordinary people their dummies for bashing. Later they will totally destroy them, when they have the power cosmic.

“New York City Police arrested the 20-year-old daughter of a wealthy Upper East Side family for causing property damage in a riot organized by an Antifa-affiliated and a black supremacist group in the city on Friday. The damage totaled over $100,000. According to the New York Post, 20-year-old Clara Kraebber is among the eight people arrested at the scene, where an angry mob in the area of 24th street wrecked shop fronts. The mob began their march from Foley Square and, over the course of the next three hours, marched north, causing property damage wherever they went. All across the city, store owners have erected plywood boards to protect their businesses due to the ongoing riots. Kraebber’s mother is Virginia Kindred, a renown architect and the owner of Kindred Arch works, a Manhattan architectural firm. They specialize in designing public spaces like schools and businesses and have produced architecture for Columbia University and New York University.  Kraebber's father, Markus Kraebber, is a professor at the Columbia University Department of Psychiatry. In 2016 the Kraebber family reportedly paid $1.8 million for their 16th-floor apartment on East End Avenue. The family also owns a 1730 home — featuring four fireplaces according to property listings in Litchfield County, Conn., per the paper.”

     Ok, should have the bond money.



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Sunday, 23 June 2024

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