Peeping Inside the Pfizer Dossier By Chris Knight (Florida)

The documents released by Pfizer from a court approved Freedom of information request, are stunning. Various Covid vax critics are pouring through them, uncovering revealing material about what Big Pharma knew, and what Operation Warp speed, Donald Trump’s baby, delivered. However, this is the tip of a dark iceberg, as a Texas judge has just ordered the release of redacted versions of the dossier, including 10,000 pages in April, 80,000 more pages by July, and the rest released at over 50,000 pages per month. Mike Adams has some thoughts on what might lurk in these documents, since what has already been released, as critics such as Dr Malone, Mercola and Jessica Rose have shown, indicate that the vaccines should not have been released. The following are the published opinion of Natural, for information purposes.

“A dossier is a file containing detailed records and various documents relating to the affairs of a particular person or subject, and those “affairs” can be medical, criminal, or both. The first part of the word, “dos,” is French with origins in the Latin dorsum, as in the “dorsal” fin on the back of a whale. A new dossier is being compiled as you read this, and it’s 400,000 pages of documents already. Pfizer has now admitted in writing that humans who were “vaccinated” for Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) can SHED, through skin contact with other humans, the pathogens contained in the syringes.

Look deeper and you will see that’s just the tip of the iceberg, or the “back fin” of the whale, because hiding beneath the surface of the admission are MORE documents and data that reveal the Pfizer “vaccine” makes the injected people 300 percent more likely to contract the virus. This whale of secret information is contained in the new COVID-19 Dossier that a former employee (biotech analyst) of Pfizer has provided.

Now, a federal judge in Texas has demanded the release of the REDACTED versions of the dossier, including 10,000 pages in April, 80,000 more pages by July, and the rest released at over 50,000 pages per month.

Pfizer “booster” shot could be more deadly than the first one, and it’s all documented in the secret Dossier about to be exposed by a Texas Judge.

Federal judge Mark Pittman, of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District in Texas, could cause the Pfizer name to be tarnished forever, leading to the recall of every Covid “vaccine” and “booster” shot they make and have made.

The list of offenders includes health care providers and certain family members around trial “participants.” Were the clinical trials corrupted, falsified, and illegally altered to gain FDA approval for emergency use and now for deadly boosters?

Are Pfizer’s “booster” shots really just the nails in the coffin for billions of people who are already suffering myocarditis and blood clots from the first jabs?  …

The Dossier documents reveal more than 35,000 participants were injected with the Pfizer Covid clot shots, and those who got the shots earliest had a 5-times more likely chance of catching the lab-made Wuhan virus than the group who got the booster later on. This is devastating to Pfizer’s credibility that’s already in the gutter from fraud and corruption just over a decade ago when they paid out the largest criminal fine ever levied against any drug company on Earth. That case was based on illegal “off-label marketing” of drugs. Pfizer …  admitted to felony crimes and paid out over $2 billion in fines and fees when that dossier revealed kickback payments to doctors for pushing nine different drugs.

The Dossier will be revealed to the world shortly, and the conclusion of the research shows that if you have two doses of Pfizer, your rate of getting infected INCREASES over time, jumping from before infection at a rate of 1.3 percent, way up to over 4.3 percent within 4 months, meaning the participants experienced less infection when they had NO protection. That makes the “vaccines” more than useless, but simply dangerous and ineffective. That’s the opposite of the 75-year mantra of all so-called vaccines that every drug maker and the CDC regurgitate regularly “safe and effective.”



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Tuesday, 09 August 2022