P–Gate: The Fake, Shock, Horror Over Trump’s Remarks by Mrs Vera West

The chattering class in the lead-up to the Trump-Clinton debate (No. 2) were falling over themselves in shock! horror! that Donald Trump spoke in a sexually aggressive way about women and used the “p” word. None of this is new; Trump in his 2007 book Think Big boasted about his sexual conquest of women and said much the same as was said in the tapes, that it goes with the territory of being rich and powerful.

The Australian had a massive amount of material on this, but nothing I could see on the much more important Podesta/Clinton emails released by Wikileaks, which the trumped up Trump tapes was designed to bury. Before going into that, let us round off the Trump P-Gate issue.

First, there is no doubt that Trump is a highly flawed character with a foul mouth. It is a real pity that no righteous and strong Christian man has arisen at this time. Trump though is like an antibody in the body social, arising because politics is sick, and antibodies are unpleasant.

The chattering class just don’t get it:
Paul Kelly in The Australian (October 5, 2016, p. 12) speaks of a “crisis of confidence” that produced Trump and Brexit, never contemplating that it is the globalist philosophical foundation, which is fatally flawed. Indeed, the Right has simply been “unable to sell free market economics,” the life blood of The Australian and all it represents, yet he does not address the substantial objections to that position which has led to Trump the deplorable and Brexit.

The ordinary, hurting people are just lacking confidence in the elite. But why? The media, while portraying Trump as deplorable, downplay the sexual predatory Bill Clinton; Trump may talk like an immature school boy but Bill Clinton has a pack of rape allegations against him, and Hillary Clinton looks like she helped to cover things up and intimidate the rape victims.

As for sexual predatory behaviour, one needs only surf the net for a few minutes following key words such as “Hollywood casting couch” to come up with stories which make Trump look positively lame.

For the hypocrisy of the US media see Professor Kevin MacDonald “Trumps Lewd Video: An Evolutionary Comment at The Occidental Observer.net, October 8, 2016, which is insightful, outlining the hypocrisy, double-standard argument.

As for bad language, Hillary abused staff, threw objects at Bill Clinton when he was president, and was heard to have a vile mouth, endless voicing profanities.
Breitbart.com, October 3, 2016 reports that Linda Tripp, a former White House staffer, heard Hillary’s meltdowns frequently, including endless screaming and the constant use of profanity. How about a tape of this being released?
Tripp said that if voters saw the real Hillary Clinton “they’d see a course, profane political operative. With no moral compass. And a complete willingness to manipulate the rule of law to her benefit.”
The Wikileaks emails confirm this.



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