Our Poor Rats are Suffering, Too By James Reed

     No, not academics from the Arts and Humanities, the two-legged postmodern socially constructed version of rats, but the nicer, furry, equally as diseased, four-legged type, although some may be missing a leg or two given cannibalism, in this time of restaurant closure:

“America's rats are being hit hard by the coronavirus. As millions of Americans shelter indoors to combat the deadly virus, which has claimed over 21,000 U.S. lives, many businesses — including restaurants and grocery stores — have closed or limited operations, cutting off many rodents' main sources for food. On deserted streets across the country, rats are in dire survival mode, experts tell NBC News. "If you take rats that have been established in the area or somebody's property and they're doing well, the reason they're doing well is because they're eating well," Bobby Corrigan, an urban rodentologist, told NBC News. "Ever since coronavirus broke out, not a single thing has changed with them, because someone's doing their trash exactly the same in their yard as they've always done it — poorly." But many other rats are not faring as well, said Corrigan, who works as a consultant for several city health departments and businesses, such as airports and shopping malls.”

     Question: will rats be able to apply for coronavirus support, say for food, during this most difficult time for them? Surely socialism must extend to this essential part of human society?



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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