Our Lying False News Australian Mainstream Media By James Reed

On the radio, and in our press, I have heard constantly that Trump is claiming electoral fraud, but is offering no evidence. That means his legal team is just saying the words, with no other content, which is insane. In fact, Trump himself has mentioned all the aspects of fraud, from dead voters to the corrupt Dominion voting system. Anyway, for the local grubs and utter morons in our media, here is your work done for you, if you dare report on something that your globalist masters did not prescribe:



“The current 2020 Presidential Election is in a state of crisis. Not only have Big Tech and Big Media ignored vast evidence of election fraud, but these institutions have conspired to promote one candidate as the winner, long before the conclusion of all election software audits, statistical analysis, recounts and court proceedings (which will include witness testimony of election interference and coercion).

HereIsTheEvidence.com is a one-stop source for journalists, truth seekers and patriotic Americans who want to protect the integrity of the election process. The site is a crowdsourced compilation that aggregates publicly available items of evidence that would be admissible in court. The site does not contain general election news stories, rumors or updates. The site contains statistical evidence, court documents, photos, audio, video and witness testimony, affidavits, and historical context — all sourced, timestamped and categorized by state of occurrence. The compilation so far contains over six hundred incidences, encompassing millions of potential illegal or stolen votes.”

That site has to be seen to be believed, and our gutless mainstream Australian journos need to have a look, and maybe they might drop at long last.


“The recent elections may have been rigged to ensure a Democratic victory by using two programs, suggests a former military official. During a recent appearance at the Two Mikes podcast, retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney described the programs, dubbed Hammer and Scorecard, that were used to influence election results. The programs were initially designed for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) — until Deep State operatives working under former President Barack Obama employed these for private use.

Hammer is a counter-intelligence software capable of spying within protected networks, like voting machines, without being detected. Meanwhile, Scorecard is an application that can manipulate votes during data transfer between voting stations and storage hubs. McInerney said the two were impossible to catch or even expose — unless both Republicans and Democrats looked for irregularities.

In a previous Two Mikes podcast, McInerney dubbed Scorecard as a “Democrat vote fraud superweapon.” While the app could hack into a system and change up to three percent of votes to avoid detection, he said that Scorecard could be detected. He urged President Donald Trump and his trusted circle to look for signs of the app being used in key swing states.

“Glitches” in the current election is a LIVE demonstration of vote fraud

In Michigan, mysterious “glitches” that turned Trump votes into Biden votes were uncovered following a manual review of ballots.

“In Antrim County, ballots [meant for Republicans] were counted for Democrats, causing a 6,000 vote swing against [GOP] candidates,” confirmed Laura Cox, the Republican Party chair for Michigan, in an interview with the New York Post. “The county clerk came forward and said ‘tabulating software glitched and caused a miscalculation of the vote.’ Since then, we have now discovered 47 [other] counties [in the state] that used the same software in the same capacity.”

She added that Antrim County had to count all of the ballots by hand and called for the other counties to examine their results closely for similar discrepancies. County clerk Sheryl Guy also expressed concern about a Biden win. She told the Detroit Free Press on Nov. 4 that officials sent the initial poll results to the state without checking, but later asked how Democrats could have taken over the Republican-leaning county.

The Gateway Pundit reported the “tabulating software” was used in 30 different states, including the key battleground states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Minnesota. In addition, the “glitches” in the software – actually the effect of Scorecard in action – only took votes from Trump and other Republican candidates.

Trump already warned of vote fraud even before the Democrats used technology

Trump warned that Democrats would commit vote fraud using absentee ballots as early as September. He cited multiple instances of mail-in ballots being discarded, including military ballots in Pennsylvania. and absentee ballots bundled with three trays of mail in Wisconsin. He questioned whether Democrats should be meddling with how elections were being held in other states, saying: “They can’t run a simple caucus, yet now they’re trying to dramatically write election laws nationwide just weeks before an election.”

Trump also argued that voters should still be able to vote in person despite the pandemic. If people could go to the grocery store, they should be able to vote with their photo ID. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci agreed with the president, saying that in-person voting was definitely possible – if proper health protocols are followed.

Indeed, people definitely went out and voted following the guidelines suggested by Fauci. Voters exercised suffrage while wearing masks and observing physical distance in polling places. Despite people heading out to vote for Trump, the Democratic Party employed the Hammer and Scorecard programs to ensure Joe Biden would become the 46th U.S. president. But the truth is slowly being unveiled.”

Of that we can only hope.




Ignoring affidavits submitted to courts by officials testifying of epic proportions of fraud:


Leftist threatening GSA administrators and even their dear little pets; nothing in the Australian press on this:


Then there are the independent views of tech experts:


“RION: As the media continue to ignore claims of election fraud. One millionaire has set out to prove their cover up in support of the truth. One America’s Chanel Rion has more.

Patrick Byrne founder and former CEO of overstock.com has long considered himself a libertarian tech entrepreneur. For now finds himself more than entrepreneur, he’s on a mission to save the Republic, from a deadly virus widespread machine, widespread software election fraud. He’s doing this by funding a niche group of experts and the Trump legal team has been listening,

RION: You’ve put together a group of individuals who are trying to crack down on the fraud that has Dominion, tell us more about what you’ve been doing.

BYRNE: Yes, well I’ve funded a team of hackers and cybersleuths and other people with odd skills. We’ve been on this since August. One side story we’ll pursue one day is DHS was warned of all this in August and September. We tried very hard to….. but it was all crammed down from high levels.

RION: The experts Byrne is funding  is an elite cyber security team that has been hired by the state of Texas to investigate a series of irregularities in the Dallas elections in 2018. The team consisted of members with backgrounds in military intelligence and federal law enforcement, for instance, the electronic irregularities in Dallas 2018 was rooted in Dallas as use of Dominion voting machines.

This group has been on Dominion’s trail over two years.

BYRNE: I’ve been up there since without since August and expanding and funding further and deeper investigations. So we really, I felt, kind of had the answer when everyone woke up November 4 and saying, “what happened?”. We couldn’t quite believe we couldn’t get anyone to listen to us.

RION: Their findings include a detailed list of impossibilities Dominion machines processing more ballots than is physically possible. Real time data showing Biden vote dumps that are statistically impossible and dozens of backdoor ways in which votes by the thousands can be changed, manipulated or deleted.

BYRNE: When you’re talking about, you know, thousands of votes in a row for one candidate. Just to give you. Just to give you the mathematical odds against it. If you’re talking about a group that has a 96% percent affinity for vitamins or go magic which I’m very heavily Biden board. The chance of having 100 votes in a row for Biden if it’s not if the chance of every vote is 96% for Biden, the chance he would have 100 in a row is about 1.6%, the chances you would have 1000 in a row, goes to about a couple quadrillion to one, and the chances that you would have the kinds of numbers we were seeing were there a place where there were 10s of thousands of votes in a row for Biden, the chances are quadrillions of quadrillions of quadrillions against that could ever happen in nature

RION: You didn’t necessarily vote, you did not vote for Donald Trump. You are a libertarian

BYRNE: That’s correct.

RION: And you are doing this, why?

BRYNE: I never voted Democrat or  Republican or Democrat in my life. This is about the Constitution. These are goons.  If we lose this moment, the Constitution is done. We are never back. We will never have a free and fair election again.

RION: I’ve spoken to your, your guys behind the scenes, they’re very, they seem very knowledgeable and they’ve pulled incredible data and you see a clear pattern between the major swing states in this regard…

BYRNE: It’s more of a clear pattern, we know exactly what happened. its everything – it’s  just a matter of how quickly can we get it all built up and explained in such a way, it’s absolutely clear there’s no, there’s no, there’s no shades of gray about this.

RION: Byrne says the lecture was 100% rigged and it’s not just real time data proving this.

BYRNE: We have more than the data we have the data. We have hundreds of affidavits. We’ve been we’ve also had people gathering and organizing that effort. And we have the, the analysis of the equipment itself so that’s really the three buckets. And we’re getting it out but first feeding it to, you know,  those who want it, which are basically Sydney’s and Rudy’s people.

I want to emphasize we’re not on other team where we’re independent.

RION: To that end, Byrne as a free agent has been feeding his groups, intel and findings to any group who can use it in court against dominion, it’s supporting anyone who wants to data and

BYRNE: I’m putting it up on my own website which is called the deep capture. I’m putting these different stories and facts and write ups on there so anyone can go there and find them. But this isn’t even close I want to show people that this isn’t even close. If you could freeze time and let this all play out through the courts what would be exposed is 100% clear this whole thing was rigged.”

Then there are these troubling 150,000 potentially fraudulent votes in Wisconsin:


And the best for last, which shows the utter corruption of Big Tech, that Twitter will make Biden president regardless of what the election outcome is:


“Twitter announced over the weekend that it intends to make Joe Biden ‘@POTUS’ next year regardless of the actual outcome of the election.

The platform announced that it is “actively preparing to support the transition of White House institutional Twitter accounts on January 20th, 2021.”

The accounts Twitter says it will hand over to Biden also include @whitehouse, @VP, @FLOTUS, as well as several other handles that related to official government positions.

Twitter also announced that its representatives will be meeting with members of Biden’s ‘transition team’ in the coming weeks to discuss the hand over.

Twitter, which has actively censored President Trump’s posts while blocking news regarding Joe Biden’s potentially disqualifying dodgy business dealings, says it will reset the @POTUS account on inauguration day, deleting Trump’s tweets.

Over the weekend, the Trump legal team announced that it is one step closer to moving into the Supreme Court after a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit to challenge the results of the election in Pennsylvania.”

Trump should have got off Twitter long ago, and moved to some other medium. And, he should have put these guys in their proper place, going in boots and all back in 2017. Still, if he survives, hopefully his people will start putting pressure on him to do something.




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