Optus Goes Down; The Fragility of Cyber-Society By James Reed

For those who are neo-luddites, seeing the limits of a society obsessed with technology, the Optus network outage had it all. As the headline from the Daily Mail put it: “Optus is DOWN as 10 million wake up to internet blackout and transport systems descend into chaos: Cafes close, Uber prices surge and hospitals affected in ‘biggest outage in Australian history.’” And let us not forget even Triple Zero calls were affected from Optus landline phones. “The Sydney Airport, the Australian Tax Office, NRMA and big banks such as Commonwealth and ANZ have also experienced issues, as have eftpos machines linked with Optus in businesses.” At the time of writing, there is no official cause released, it still being under investigation. But the idea of a cyber- attack is being dismissed, even though they don’t know this, but it would scare the sheeple if this was publicised and true.


This is a knockdown argument against going to full Central Bank Digital Currencies. If the events today are not a cyber-attack, they could be tomorrow when the big war gets going. It is one more example of the fragility of the high-tech society.




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Monday, 04 March 2024

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