Openly False News from the Mainstream By Chris Knight

     This one is worth recording since the establishment continues to push the notion that the mainstream media reporting false news is, well, false news:

“CNN took the concept of “fake news” to a whole new level with a recent report on Venezuela, in which it claimed that citizens “chose” coup leader Juan Guaido over current president Nicolas Maduro in January “elections.” In a report on Sunday’s deadly Venezuelan military helicopter crash, CNN wrote that “pressure is mounting” on Maduro to step down “following elections in January in which voters chose opposition leader Juan Guaido over him for president.” Slight problem there, CNN. Venezuela did not hold elections in January — and Guaido definitely did not win them. He did, however, try to seize power from Maduro by force in January with US backing — and then again in April. Both coup attempts failed and Maduro remains president with the support of millions of Venezuelans who still back him. But US officials have declared the Washington-friendly Guaido the country’s “legitimate” leader, so evidently this has been a confusing time for CNN’s intrepid reporters.”

     CNN then quietly corrected the “mistake.” Come now; errors this large are not mistakes, surely, or the journalists are totally incompetent and should be sacked, rather than being patted on their pointy heads. Then there is the case of NYT admitting that the Trump election campaign was spied on by Obama, a crime much worse than Watergate, but nobody, including ideologically obese Trump is going to do anything about it. Too much golf to play:

“The Times report began:
The conversation at a London bar in September 2016 took a strange turn when the woman sitting across from George Papadopoulos, a Trump campaign adviser, asked a direct question: Was the Trump campaign working with Russia? The paper went on to report that the woman’s name is Azra Turk; she became the second person known to have been sent by the Obama deep state intelligence apparatus to gain access to the Trump campaign so as to sabotage it from the inside. The first was longtime FBI asset and Cambridge University Professor Stefan Halper, who not only tried to infiltrate the Trump campaign but also tried to get a job with the incoming administration so he could undermine the new president as a so-called ‘fifth columnist.’ The Times attempted to brush off Turk’s involvement (and, by default, Stefan’s) in attempting to infiltrate the Trump campaign as an effort by an ‘anxious’ FBI overly concerned about Russian espionage. But that excuse doesn’t wash because the so-called “Russian collusion” narrative used by the Obama deep state all along to justify the spying was fabricated. There never was any concerted Russian effort to penetrate the Trump campaign. And even so, there was never any chance that Moscow (or any other nation for that matter) could muster the wherewithal and resources to alter an American election. Obama himself even said such a feat would be literally impossible.

What is so galling about this ‘admission’ by the Times — two years after the paper itself reported that Team Trump had been “wiretapped” by Obama — is that a) the paper enabled the collusion hoax to perpetuate in the interceding months and years, even going so far as to publish several fake news stories to nurture it; and b) that this latest admission story is still based on the premise that the hoax was real. It wasn’t. It never has been real. Obama knows that; the Times knew it. And so did the rest of the so-called “establishment” media like the Washington Post and CNN. But where are their mea culpas? Where are their retractions? Corrections? Admissions that their unhinged proclamations about Trump’s alleged guilt over the past two years were absolutely false? The fact that there were three primary ‘news’ sources — the Times, the Post, and CNN — that even got these Russian collusion bombshell/dud stories ought to have told you the media circle for perpetuating the hoax was very small, thus ensuring that fewer people were in on the scam. The American people were extremely divided after eight years of Obama as it was. Using the collusion hoax as a springboard, the American ‘mainstream’ media was complicit in using it to keep the masses stirred up and Democrat supporters fed a steady diet of suspicion and hate. The Post, CNN, and the other establishment media hacks will never apologize for perpetuating the collusion lie and keeping Americans at each other’s throats. But in a bit of irony, they have all but destroyed their credibility in the process.”

     But this is Big Media, and they do not care; there is nothing more important than the “agenda.” Anyway, the Establishment is already at work to ensure that President Rump cannot stand for re-election by California passing a bill, basically making him illegal, given that he has not released his tax returns. Does anyone see a way out of civil war? Not me, however hard I think and pray.

Authorised by K. W. Grundy
13 Carsten Court, Happy Valley, SA.



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Wednesday, 17 August 2022