Only $50,000 to Leave? By Charles Taylor

    You have to hand it to the caravan of poor suffering refugees that are camped on the US border; they will leave and go home if given $ 50,000 each!

“Members of the “Honduran Migrant Caravan” marched to the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana on Tuesday and delivered a letter directed to President Donald Trump, demanding entry into the United States or $50,000 each to return home. They also requested the removal of military installations in Honduras.

Approximately 200 members of the caravan departed El Barretal camp in southeast Tijuana to the offices of the National Institute of Migration (INM) and later the U.S. Consulate General to hand deliver a letter outlining demands. The demonstration aimed to accelerate the process for migrants to request asylum and work in the United States. Security for the effort was provided by federal, state and municipal police, according to local reporting.

At the consulate, the migrant caravan was stopped by a team of riot police and were told to select a group of spokesperson to deliver the letter. The marchers were later directed toward two buses to transport them back to El Barretal.”

    The UN definition of a “refugee” is a person who is displaced from home, and simply cannot go back. The very statement of this threat refutes the case for being a refugee. But, that will not matter to the libtards, who are happy to work towards the ethnic replacement of their own kind.

     Anyway, give me $50,000 and I will leave the US/Mexico border as well!



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Tuesday, 09 August 2022