One Nation senator Brian Burston calls for a new 'patriotic broadcasting corporation'


A new "Patriotic Broadcasting Corporation" could better represent the identity of mainstream Australians and fight bias within the ABC, new One Nation senator Brian Burston said on Tuesday.

Using his first speech to attack Australia's immigration policy and blame violent crime on "aggressive multiculturalism", the former local councillor and newly elected NSW senator called for an overhaul of the ABC and SBS with a new channel created to present news and current affairs from the perspective of "the historic Australian nation". He also praised aspects of the old White Australia policy and claimed that discrimination helped preserve domestic peace...

..."The ABC long ago abandoned any semblance of patriotism, or even balance. Other taxpayer-funded media – SBS and NITV – serve immigrants and indigenous Australians.

"All three broadcasters are biased against mainstream Australia. They distort Australian political culture and support aggressive political multiculturalism."



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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