On the Road to Communism By Paul Walker

     This is a peep at what is in line for us in the future, as our economy implodes; Venezuela shows the way in communist control as bank accounts are frozen, allegedly to stop terrorism. Here are some comments on this by J. G. Martinez, straight from the lion’s den:

“Controlling a society is not an easy task. It is about controlling food production means, limiting the mobility of people, denying access to everything, allowing basic human rights to be violated by the uniformed corps (very important because these groups have weaponry), and allowing irregular gangs take over resources that, otherwise, they would never be able to have control of. Therefore, they NEED desperately to make people knee, and one of the ways they can do it, is via the control of the circulating money. This is nothing new. The original Rothschild said once “give me the control of the currency of a country, and I wouldn´t mind who governs it”. Or something like that. That is exactly what this mafia has done. They’re now freezing bank accounts within Venezuela. To do so, the criminal gang in power has reinforced their strategy.  They are freezing bank accounts inside Venezuela, in our national currency, if they detect someone is using the account from another country. My own bank accounts, with over 15 years of history, included. This is against the right to use the private and personal property, guaranteed in our Constitution.

They want so eagerly to change and seize our private property, just like Cuba did. Sending money back to family is not an easy task. There is an entire underground economy that works receiving money in foreign currency in accounts overseas and exchanging national currency in a circular flow because the bolivar is not exchangeable for some other currency. The last steps to instate totalitarianism definitely, are now slowly being taken: the financial infrastructure is being stormed with greater intensity these days. Let´s make this clear. Since the beginning of the takeover, when everyone was charmed by the Uncle Hugo´s charisma, without any clue about what was going on under the table (things like Alejandro Andrade being in charge of the National Treasury, ”assigned” personally by Hugo), this was the plan. The subjugation of any private initiative in the financial world. “The state must control everything” is the communist motto in Venezuela. The “empire” (sounds familiar?) is ready to “attack us” because they “need our resources.”

     Clearly, this is not unique to Venezuela, and could be implemented in any society in an advanced state of decay. Australia is not at that level yet, but it could plunge to such a low in the future, so be ready.



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Saturday, 24 February 2024

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