On Sleazy Old Joe Biden By John Steele

     Below is a quote from a Facebook post by an ex-US service man who generally does knife reviews, and good ones at that, Donnie Be All Day. But, he makes the occasional slash at the goofy Democrats, and hits the mark. Wow, Biden is a fruit cake, and as things stand could get in. That means, when that the real ruler will be…who knows, Hillary Clinton, maybe even Bill Gates! If you feel that the world is falling apart now, then brothers and sisters of the fall, you have not seen anything yet! I am glad to have made peace with my Maker, and am ready to die, but hopefully not too painfully, like starving to death, but out here living on bush food anyway, I will be particularly hard to kill:

“You can make stuff up about Joe Biden if you want, but the truth is way more fun! In a speech while campaigning, his dumb ass proudly admitted that sure, the republicans have standards, but the Democrats have "double standards." Hahaha! Yup. He said it. And just when he couldn't get any more stupid, "That's two times as many standards," double is a lot more than single. Anyone who's ever watched a baseball game knows that." If dumb wasn't enough, he pulled out all the Creepy Joe stops and then said, "Isn't that right, sweetie?" So, who was sweetie? His wife? Someone’s old granny? Nope. A young girl in the front row of the crowd. Then in true Creepy Joe fashion, he brought her up to the stage and kept his old hands on her shoulder for the rest of the speech!! Haha! Oh but wait! There's more! He then bashed Trump for his treatment of women, forgetting completely he's being investigated for SEVEN counts of misconduct against women and even a RAPE!! Hahaha!!!! Why do we need to lie about this guy!!?? Best part of the night, was when Trump saw what a joke the guy is and left the best sarcastic tweet in response. Trump announced that the Republican Party would shortly be debuting its brand-new triple standards. Hahahaha!!! Well played Sir!”

     Keep up the good work Donnie!

     This will truly be the end of Western civilisation if Biden is appointed, which seems most likely given that the Deep Staters will be busting their guts not to make the same mistake that was made in 2016.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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