On Condemning Usury By James Reed

     I am just a simple man, and perhaps writing about economic issues that affect our very existence should be left to the experts. But, wait, isn’t that centralism too, and if that is bad in politics, then why not knowledge? Do we ordinary people have a right to a say, or is the ground solely to be covered by experts, even if it is from our side? Anyway, some non-experts are starting to challenge the elitist economic hierarchy, with Tucker Carlson speaking up against usury.

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Tucker Carlson blasting usury last night: "There is a reason why the world's great religions condemn usury & why societies have restricted it for thousands of years. High interest rates exploit the weak. Credit card debt destroys people...what the banks are doing is disgusting."

     Social creditors would, I assume, agree:

     I have not heard a strong critique of usury for some time, even from the experts. Still, maybe even this concern is wrong, since I previously quoted a Zero Hedge article which said that some type of financial crash is coming because of among other things, debt levels are unsustainable even in principle. Even mainstream media are warning about another GFC, bigger and meaner than the last:

      But some experts think that the system will go on eternally since debt is just a number. We will see. Just between you and me though, age is just a number too, and so is death, but I am not banking on immortality, but you can bank on disaster. Common sense as well as decision theoretical reasoning via the minimum regret principle would require rational agents to take such warnings seriously, given the dire consequences of not preparing for the worst.

     Here is sample of coming economic crash article from completely establishment sources:

     And some open comments:

“People ask why we know that a collapse is occurring. We know because we saw a widespread pattern of decay, and our past literature has concerned itself extensively with this topic, covering the feeling of being out of control as everything slowly goes to pot. This widespread pattern of decay proves invisible to most, who can focus one thing at a time or “studies,” but shows an across-the-board loss of consistency to our civilization. Things are not healthy anymore; instead, they show signs of loss of integrity. More than politics alone, this covers social developments as well as cultural ones. Our mass culture is garbage, our marriages shattered by divorce, our schools idiotic propaganda establishments, our workplaces Soviet in their compliance demands, and our government untrustworthy, we see everything now as a pale version of what once was.”



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