Nuclear Waste Dumps for Everybody! By Bruce Bennett

     I think it was Bobby Hawke who wanted Australia to be the nuclear waste dump of the world. Well, I guess the gear has to go somewhere and Australians are ants on the world stage, so what does it matter if we get irradiated? One past proposal had it that there would be a waste dump in South Australia, left uncovered until enough dough was saved up to properly cover it. By that time all the glowing goodies would have blown over to multicult New South Walers, radiationally enriching it with diverse radiation. Anyway, onto today’s main presentation:

“It is an expanse of paddocks as far as the eye can see but this stretch of brown dirt represents a new hope for a tiny Eyre Peninsula town. The Napandee farming property, on Kimba’s northwestern outskirts, is earmarked as the location for Australia’s newest nuclear waste site, 465km from Adelaide. Yesterday’s contentious announcement, made after nearly five years of consultation, reviews, protests and angst, has also sparked a new wave of optimism for the Eyre Peninsula town of just 629 people. Against the backdrop of declining population growth, farming challenges and a severe drought, supporters say the Federal Government’s decision gives the town a real chance to succeed and stave off extinction. However, several hundred opponents protested on Sunday and vowed the fight would continue. Locals in favour of the radioactive storage facility hope it will generate a multimillion-dollar economic boon, together with a much-needed cash injection into health services, education and infrastructure. Grandfather Jeff Baldock, 62, who operates a 7500 ha cereal and sheep farm with his three children, told the Sunday Mail the facility would help secure the area’s future. “Imagine the money that will flow through the wider Eyre Peninsula community,” he said. “It will be hundreds of millions of dollars. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a supply of jobs bringing more money that we can use to create other industries. “This is good for the future of Kimba. We are absolutely thrilled for the community. It provides another industry in town that doesn’t rely on farming, which is huge.” His sons, father of four Andrew, 37, and father of two Mark, 35, said the risks were minimal compared with the rewards. “If small towns don’t think outside the box and diversify their economy, they will continue to decline,” said Andrew, a former carpenter who returned to the family farm from Adelaide, where he met his wife Dale, 33. “We are doing this so our kids and their kids and then their kids can have a future. “I can’t think of another industry that will be guaranteed for 100 years. “The future now looks bright for Kimba in the long term. And we just want a sustainable future for our community.”

     That’s the stuff, a sustainable future; there won’t be any accidents, will there? So, maybe old Bob was right. But, the dumping of radioactive material should begin with Parliament House Canberra, then proceeded to Australia’s richest suburbs, you know where the people in money live. They should be able to relate to the need for profits, and surely would not  have health or security objections. And if the silver spooners agree, then who am I to disagree?



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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