Now Why Would Old George’s Funded Group Want to Do That? By Chris Knight

     There is no doubt about it, the globalists are romping ahead with their agenda. Tell me why anyone concerned about preserving social order would want to empty prisons, a pet thing of the Left, who want the coloured prison class to turn on the capitalists, and the normies, hence bringing the glorious Marxist revolution, and power of life and death, supposedly  to them:

“The Brennan Center for Justice, which is heavily financed by George Soros, has submitted a letter to the governors of all fifty states urging them to use executive action to “release as many people as possible from incarceration” due to coronavirus fears “provided they do not pose serious public safety threats.” The letter cited concern that the U.S. prison population could face greater risk of illness and death than the general public due to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. nnan Center for Justice, located at NYU School of Law, is heavily financed by Soros’s Open Society Foundations and is the recipient of numerous Open Society grants. While the Brennan Center’s recommendations for clemency and sentence reduction are expansive, the progressive group is not alone in advocating for such reprieve. Advocates, criminal attorneys and family members of those incarcerated have urged the harder hit states to release older prisoners and those who at higher risk for coronavirus complications due to underlying health conditions. California already began fast tracking the release of about 3,500 inmates serving sentences for nonviolent crimes and who are also due to be paroled within 60 days. The New York Post reported that thousands of state and federal inmates are using coronavirus fears to push for early release, with their attorneys citing underlying health conditions. “Everyone from killers, drug traffickers and gang members to mobsters, fraudsters and accused rapists are making a bid to get out of the clink,” the New York Post reported. U.S. Attorney General William Barr expedited a directive to release certain inmates to home confinement if they are at high risk for coronavirus, with focus on federal inmates in Connecticut, Louisiana and Ohio. Eligibility under Barr’s directive would be determined by age, vulnerability to coronavirus, prison conduct, whether they have a re-entry plan and whether the inmates would be a danger to their communities.

“We are experiencing significant levels of infection at several of our facilities,” Barr stated. “We have to move with dispatch in using home confinement when appropriate to move vulnerable inmates out these institutions.”
“Some offenses, such as sex offenses, will render an inmate ineligible for home detention,” the directive added. “Other serious offenses would weigh more heavily against consideration for home detention.” In a second memo, Barr encouraged prosecutors to consider coronavirus risks when weighing bail and whether to send a defendant to jail while awaiting trial. “You should now consider the medical risks associated with individuals being remanded into federal custody during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Barr wrote in the memo, which was obtained Politico. “Even with the extensive precautions we are currently taking, each time a new person is added to a jail, it presents at least some risk to the personnel who operate that facility and to the people incarcerated therein.” Barr’s bail memo reportedly made clear that defendants who pose a public threat must be detained. “Controlling weight should be given to public safety, and under no circumstances should those who present a risk to any person or the community be released,” Barr wrote. “COVID-19 presents real risks, but so does allowing violent gang members and child predators to roam free.”

     The entire program is contradictory, since prisoners would not be in jail if there was no reason for then being imprisoned in the first place, for until the sentence is served for most of the crimes considered above, the presumption is that all the prisoners do pose a risk to public safety. And, clearly this is the typical thin edge of the wedge, since all types of criminals are saying that they are at risk of contracting the coronavirus. So, what if they are? If you don’t want the virus, don’t commit the crime. Of course, the globalised Left want criminals out on the streets to prey on normies, thus terrorising them into accepting total police state governments, which is what we are being given in the US as a trial run for the main New World Order endgame.



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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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