Not a Racism Problem, but a police problem By Chris Knight

Each day there occurs police events that would enliven the left’s drive to defund the police. Sometimes the police are justified, but often they over-react with absurd levels of force. The trend I notice, including the case where a cop pulled over a driver because the windshield was tinted too much, is that there are revenue raising events that become inflamed. If the need for police to meet petty conviction quotas was removed, and these are present in the US and Australia, maybe the situations leading to people freaking out would decrease. It would also help if the police did not embrace their role as Covid KGB with such gusto, but were a bit fairer to people. So, the Left are probably focussing on a real issue when they want to defund the police. But, of course, it will lead to further disaster, with out-of-control crime, unless the libertarian road is taken of giving gun carry and robust self-defence rights to the ordinary people.

In this story, linked below, the victim claims that police made an execution threat. The mixed-race guy was a soldier in uniform, leaving a military base, not a drug dealer. So, while we are critical of the present situation with the Chauvin trial, we do not see the police as beyond critique. Across the West, their behaviour on the Covid lockdowns was disgraceful, more like Soviet secret police than defenders to serve and protect.



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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