Noble Prize Winner, Montagnier Says Covid-19 was Engineered By Brian Simpson

     French virologist, Nobel prize winner for discovery of the HIV virus, went on TV to say that there is proof that COVID19 was engineered and artificially laced with parts of the HIV virus (not natural). And the authorities are trying to keep it quiet, while they work away on other evil globalist schemes such as the revised Trans-Pacific partnership TPP-11, which they aim to ram through while the population is locked away, helpless to resist, or so they think …

“Luc Montagnier, a Nobel winning French professor who co-discovered HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) thinks that the novel coronavirus came from a lab even though there is a major science-backed narrative that it was not made in a lab. His claim received criticism from various quarters, including colleagues. According to the Nobel laureate, the new 'SARS-CoV-2' virus came as a resultant in attempting to manufacture a vaccine for the AIDS virus, which got accidentally released, he said in a podcast by Pourquoi Docteur and also in a TV interview on Friday. Prof. Montagnier says there were some elements of HIV present in the genome of the novel coronavirus that includes suspect of elements of malaria germ too, reported Agence France Presse. This may fall into the category of another conspiracy theory, to which he replied, "Conspirators are the opposite camp, hiding the truth." Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory, he said, was specialized in coronaviruses since the 2000s and have expertise in the area. To insert HIV genetic sequence into coronavirus genome requires molecular tools and can be done in a laboratory. However, Montagnier said, "Nature does not accept any molecular tinkering." Nature would eliminate any unnatural changes made even if nothing [like a vaccine] is done and he added that things would get better after many deaths. Also, the Nobel laureate said that the elements added to the virus could be removes with "waves," that is based on a theory which got mocked in the past.”

     The mainstream response to this is to claim that the HIV sequence just appears by chance: “The sequence of a virus corresponds to 30 pages of a book. We scientists have tools to try to determine if a paragraph from this
book has ever existed in another book. We have the sequences of all known viruses available. As for similarities with HIV, it is as if the word ‘hat’ appeared four times in two different books. We can, by chance, have sequences that look alike without demonstrating intentional modifications. " Again, that is unlikely, in fact improbable, given the complexity of the molecules involved, making a purely random occurrence, unreasonable.

“There is increasing confidence that the COVID-19 outbreak likely originated in a Wuhan laboratory, though not as a bioweapon but as part of China's attempt to demonstrate that its efforts to identify and combat viruses are equal to or greater than the capabilities of the United States, multiple sources who have been briefed on the details of early actions by China's government and seen relevant materials tell Fox News. This may be the "costliest government cover-up of all time," one of the sources said. The sources believe the initial transmission of the virus – a naturally occurring strain that was being studied there – was bat-to-human and that "patient zero" worked at the laboratory, then went into the population in Wuhan. The “increasing confidence” comes from classified and open-source documents and evidence, the sources said. Fox News has requested to see the evidence directly. Sources emphasized -- as is often the case with intelligence -- that it’s not definitive and should not be characterized as such. Some inside the administration and the intelligence and epidemiological communities are more skeptical, and the investigation is continuing. What all of the sources agree about is the extensive cover-up of data and information about COVID-19 orchestrated by the Chinese government. Asked by Fox News' John Roberts about the reporting, President Trump remarked at Wednesday's coronavirus press briefing, "More and more we're hearing the story...we are doing a very thorough examination of this horrible situation." Documents detail early efforts by doctors at the lab and early efforts at containment. The Wuhan wet market initially identified as a possible point of origin never sold bats, and the sources tell Fox News that blaming the wet market was an effort by China to deflect blame from the laboratory, along with the country's propaganda efforts targeting the U.S. and Italy. U.S. Embassy officials warned in January 2018 about inadequate safety at the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab and passed on information about scientists conducting risky research on coronavirus from bats, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.”

     And what about the World Health Organization and its link to communism? Maybe this will enlighten:

     Is it really out of control?

     Certainly, the economic effects are, and will be.



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