No Petrol Cars Please, We are Irish! By James Reed

     This is an incredible story from Ireland that readers may not know about, that Ireland, of all places, is set to ban the sale of petrol ands diesel cars by 2030:

“The Government is drafting new laws that would ban new petrol and diesel car registrations by 2030, as part of a strategy to protect the environment. The aim is to ensure that one third of vehicles on the roads are electric in ten years' time. The Sunday Independent reported that Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Richard Bruton is planning to publish the law early in the new year. The new measures will be included in the Climate Action Amendment Bill 2019. It is understood that the bill will be developed further in conjunction with other departments. The Government's Climate Action Plan aims to reduce emissions and be carbon neutral by 2050. Transport emissions accounted for over 20% of Ireland's emissions in 2018. The Government is planning to have 936,000 electric vehicles on the roads by 2030, including battery operated and hybrid vehicles. It has promised to double the amount of home chargers installed and further roll-out the nationwide network of on street charging points.”

     The problems with electric cars are many, and well discussed online. But, all of this comes from climate hysteria, which is the main problem. It will have very serious consequences, and measures like this will come to Australia. I have no idea how people out in the bush will manage with electric cars. Better to just get out and walk.



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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