No Jail for a Black with an Axe, Who Set Students on Fire! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

It is only natural that if one is the “right,” or is it Left, colour, in California, one can grab an axe and set students on fire with a blowtorch, and not have to serve time in jail! The question arises whether use of a flame thrower materially changes anything? But, if one is white, and defends people on a New York subway train, using only a restraint hold, and for some reason the person of colour dies later, or is in any way injured, the full penalties of the law apply. Sounds like a colour-blind society with a health rule of law to me! Be aware friends that these tales from America are a warning of your possible future in other jurisdictions, because the same ideologies are operating, so without change, it is just a matter of time before the madness rolls your way. I hope not though.

“A California man found guilty of lighting UC Berkeley students on fire inside a boba tea shop in 2020 with a blowtorch has been released from custody and will avoid jail time, The Berkeley Scanner reports.

Brandon McGlone, 49, was referred to the Veterans Treatment Court and will be participating in a "diversion treatment" program as part of his plea deal, according to Alameda County Superior Court records.

Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price, who ran on "racial equity", agreed to the plea deal after reaching an agreement with the public defender's office, the outlet reports.

At a court hearing on April 28, Judge James Cramer said that all charges "will be dismissed" if McGlone succesfully completes the diversion program. According to The Berkeley Scanner, if McGlone does not complete the program he will be sent to prison for up to eight years.

"He must successfully engage in and complete whatever course of therapy is prescribed by the treatment team and abide by whatever conditions are set forth," Judge Cramer said. "If he fails to do so, he could be terminated from the Veterans Treatment Court program and sentence will be imposed."

On September 14, 2020, McGlone entered the Feng Cha Teahouse at 2528 Durant Ave and set two Asian men on fire after attempting to set fire to two others outside of the store, according to court documents.

The students were able to put out the flames as McGlone proceeded to fight bystanders, which sprawled out into the parking lot, court records show.

During the fight, McGlone pulled out weapons which included a knife and an axe. Police arrived and took him into custody "without issue", according to police reports.

According to police, McGlone "was in possession of matches, two lighters, clothing that smelled of gasoline, a can of WD-40, and four glass bottles filled with gasoline subsequently identified as Molotov cocktails.””




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Monday, 25 September 2023

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